Friday, February 22, 2008

"Hold still so I can KISS YOU darnit!"

Just when I think I can't possibly take it any more - and by it, I mean the whining, the diapers that stink up the whole house, the "I-need-a-drink-of-water-and-I-need-patchwick*-and-Mom-he's-making-too-much-noise-and-I-can't-sleep", the working working working, the "my house is never clean, in fact its in complete SHAMBLES and we have people coming over on Saturday for a birthday party", the hubby has to work a double - OVERNIGHT, the - well, the list goes on and on - just THEN I look over and they're all cute and giggling. How could I not giggle, too? And I remember: it's a little boy's (OMG not baby's) birthday party and we'll have cake and ice cream and presents and the kids'll make a mess and it doesn't matter that its been a month and the tile on the bathroom floor still isn't done. I need to let GO and just enjoy what I do have. Oy.
*patchwick: n. otherwise known to English-speaking humans as chapstick


Melisa said...

That reminds me...I'm out of Patchwick. :)

Tom said...

So cute!!! Gotta love em every chance you got cause as you and I both know, life holds no guarantees.