Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some crap I've spewed today

First, Thursday 13:
13 Things That Make Me a Dork
1) When I woke up this morning I had Debbie Gibson's Lost in your eyes stuck in my head. (When was the last time I even HEARD that song???)
2) I owned Debbie's Electric Youth album on audio cassette when it first came out.
3) I find myself writting blog posts in my head as I do things.
4) I ♥ my HD TV.
5) I commit to reading books with 600 pages in them. (That Alienist over there on the left...)
6) My kids' movies are kept in a big DVD case in alphabetical order with little cards behind them so I know which movie is missing when they take them out or they get left in the portable DVD player in the car.
7) I have a Web page book marked in my Web browser to look up the HTML code for things like that little heart up there in #4.
8) Speaking of, I'm still bummed that #4 has retired.
9) I stood in front of my coffee pot this morning waiting for it to finish brewing.
10) The new pants I bought last night are probably too big, but I guess I've always bought pants that way and can't stand the feeling of pants that are in any way remotely too tight.
11) Even though I'm already at #11 I'm thinking that I should trash this idea for a post because I cannot possibly come up with two more items. (Not that I'm not enough of a dork to have 13 things, just that I'm too challenged to actually think of them.)
12) I apologize like its a sickness. I tell people I'm sorry for all sorts of things I know I shouldn't (and really am not) sorry for. (Do you do this?)
13) I'm a news junkie. In fact, here's some useless news of the day from Brew City:

Fonzie to have a new hangout

I will also admit that I'm too uptight to be a really tried and true blogger. I read the blogs of many other people (and what's with THAT? How has this become so freakin' addictive???) who use their blogs as a place to vent, dish gossip and divulge their innermost fears and secrets. But as I sit here nearly every day with thoughts just BURNING a whole in my brain, begging to be spewed upon to my internet pals, I hesitate.

What if someone I know from my office finds my blog and reads it?

What if, while blogging about the stresses of my job and the constant inner battles I have with working and having two small kids, I say something that gets to the wrong people and I get fired? Or, if not fired, what if that post offends in some way those people I spend 40 hours a week with, and who may even hold the potential to make my working life hell?

Unlikely? Yes, I know.

I have lots of friends who know I have this blog who probably don't even care to read it.

But what IF?

I really need to get over this. One of the reasons I decided to start this blog to begin with was to have a place to get out my stresses and fears where I'm somewhat (not really) anonymous. God knows I need the forum for the sake of my own sanity.

I guess I'm just not ready to dive into that pool just yet. But I should be. But I'm not. But...what the hell? No. Not today. Geez I make myself nuts!

Instead I will just say this - I am once again reconsidering my life and the choices I've made that have made my life so hectic, stressful and crazy. I'm wondering - again - if its really worth it. Is there a better solution to the whirlwind that is my life, that lifestyle that is affecting my kids and my hubby, the three people I would die for on this Earth?

Maybe I'll find the guts to let you all in on the details of this "crisis" I'm having next week.



Laura said...

Oooh, talk nerdy to me.

Dork Moms Rule.

Julie said...

Great list. very funny.

I have a hard time really letting it rip when I blog because I don't want to offend people, mostly because I don't like confrontations...

But hey! People offend me and don't seem to care. So I am working on being less worried about being offensive (although I apologized all over my TT today...guess I am not all that "don't care" yet...)

The Mama Bear said...

Hey I'm a dork mom and proud of what. I write blogs all of the time too, now to actually write them somewhere other than in my head will help. I think it is cool they plan to do the Fonz statue, great thing for the state.
Happy TT, hope you'll pop by the Cafe for my silly parenting TT.

Malcolm said...

Welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! Your list made me laugh a few times, esp. your Debbie Gibson references. On my radio show where I play music from the 70s and 80s, I do an occasional feature called "The Guilty Pleasure of the Week". I have featured Debbie 3 times on the show (Electric Youth, Staying Together, and Lost In Your Eyes).

I also feat. "Electric Youth" in a T13 last year. If you don't have the song "Electric Youth" and want to relive the 80s, you can download a copy from here:

I hope that Brett Favre stays retired. Although I think he is/was one of the great NFL QBs, I don't know if I could take more over the top reactions from the media again if he comes back.

It's All Good! said...

Hi, I liked the dvd idea. I've put all of ours in a case but didn't think to label them to know which are missing. Thanks for the great tip! Great list btw. Have a great day.

Lisa said...

Fabulous list, and if those things make you a dork, then I apparently am a HUGE dork too!

My list is up, and I hope you can stop by!

Tom said...

It's all good Colleen. Everyone has to vent sometime. Better than taking it out on someone else.

Tom said...

It's all good Colleen. Better to vent here than on the people you love.

Melisa said...

I hold back on who I write about in my blog, because once it's out there, I can't take it back. I only write about work in general terms, and I wouldn't dare complain about my in-laws on my blog. It's just my way of doing it, that's all...but I didn't start a blog for the same reasons as some other people. Everyone has their own reasons, so you just have to do what makes you feel comfortable.

I personally don't enjoy reading blogs that are constantly a vent source (I mean the ones that are CONSTANTLY a vent source, CONSTANTLY! Did I mention "Constantly"?); it drags my mood down and I always feel bad for the people those bloggers are talking about, regardless if what they "did" was right or wrong.

I started my blog because I like to write and I like to share funny stories about my life, my kids, and my dog. (okay, maybe ONE vent post the day before yesterday, but it was about my OWN foot...)

But that's just my humble opinion.

Nicholas said...

I don't think those thnigs are necessarily dorky!

Anonymous said...

I love browsing your blog for the reason that you can constantly bring us fresh and cool stuff, I think that I ought to at least say thanks for your hard work.

- Henry