Monday, March 3, 2008

Someone's got a case of the MONDAYS

I had an "its too early for a Monday" moment this morning. Its raining today, which should turn into snow and impossibly slippery roads later. This of course, means that my hair is crazy (why did I waste all that time blow drying it?) and I'm crabby. I had a hell of a time juggling the tote bag that contained my laptop, my coffee AND my umbrella and I had to carry it quite a ways through the rain and slop.

So I finally get into the building, up elevator #1, across the lobby and to elevator #2. Its 7:20 a.m. and I'm not looking for small talk. I don't think anyone is before 8 a.m., in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you wonder if its appropriate to chat up the chick in the elevator. Answer? NO. Just shut up.

But who joins me in elevator #2? Enter Geek Man #1. How do I know he's Geek Man? Just had that look about him. Remember - I'm crabby. So Geek Man decides to chat about the weather. The least desired of all small talk. I mean what can you say to, "That rain's gonna turn to snow later I hear" but "Mmm hmm."

I look down and realize I don't see my security badge in my bag. Its usually in this little outside pocket of my purse so I can just lift the entire bag up to the magic spot on the door, but its not there. Thinking of how lovely it will be to find someone else in the office at that hour to let me in if a 3-yr-old decided it was a fun toy (it is, after all, on a stretchy retractable cord), I put down my tote bag to try and rummage through all my crap to find it.

Geek man says, "You oughta get a real lap top bag. You're gonna blow that one out."

WHAT? SHUT UP. I have a real lap top bag. One that the company provided me. Problem is, the bag itself weighs 7 or 8 pounds. Add the laptop to it and you're hefting 20+ pounds on your shoulder, aggrivating an already irritated back. I'd inquired a while back into getting a bag with wheels, but the hoops they require me to jump through to get the expense approved is more than I've yet to have time for. So instead I use my trusty tote bag, which weighs around 10 ounces and can be carried in my hand. I figure that they replace our laptops every three years anyway - mine is up for swapping in June or July - so if they're going to make it tough for me to carry the darned thing it can risk a few bumps and dings and a little bit of rain.

Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream...

I had every intention of posting on Saturday, but Netflix delivered disc 1 of season 2 of Big Love, so naturally, that won out.

What I had thought I'd do, for the first day of March, is review the resolutions I made last month and see where I was with them. For the most part, I think I'm doing rather well.

#1: Check! Had lunch with a friend on Saturday I haven't seen much of recently. Was very good to reconnect. Forgot how much I missed her!

#2: Lacking. I need to plan something for Jay & I this month.

#3: Check! Sent in my check for beginner yoga last week. Class starts the first week of April.

#4: Check! Table's getting messy again, but Nick's been eating much better lately - duh.

#5: I began planning our family vacation (not the fishing one in May, but the other, tentatively scheduled for July) while on a conference call the other day. I think I'm being overly ambitious as to how far we can/should go in a week with two little kids, but darn it, we're going to have fun!
#6: Nothin' so far. We are getting quotes to get the house sided, though. Kind of a step in the selling direction.

#7: This one's impossible. I spent the better part of Saturday doing laundry. While my children now have clean socks and underwear, there are still 3 or 4 loads waiting for me in the basement. Most of it is towels and blankets and, well, who knows what else. And I've lost the motivation to do any more of it.

#8: Yeah, still nothin' on this one.

#9: Not doin' well here, either.

#10: Surprisingly, I'm paying off the last of these today. Do you hear angels singing? I do.

So, three and a half checks out of ten isn't too bad...I figure if I have 12 months to do 10 things and I'm already through a third of them it puts me AHEAD of schedule. Right? Right.

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