Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy butt

I decided to look into switching from our regular disposable diapers to something more eco-friendly for this month's PSBN challenge. I can't see going to cloth diapers; I think I'd go nuts trying to keep them clean and I'm not going to kid myself - I'm just too lazy.

But I did some wandering down various diaper isles research and found that most stores around here only carry the "BIG FOUR" - Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and the store's own brand. So I did a buncha Google searches and found a few places online where you can order more eco-friendly diapers. (I didn't think to type in '' on my own.)

After reading numerous product reviews, I decided to give these diapers a try, from Seventh Generation:


In addition to being made with no chlorine, the absorbent material inside them is non-toxic, unlike the crystals inside most disposable diapers. And guess what? No annoying cartoon characters!


In the past two weeks using them, we've had one leak. That's exceptional, given the volume my child tends to produce. That one "uh-oh" was one of those instances where I'd changed him an hour before and was surprised at all I found when I opened the diaper to change him. (Huh...didn't even smell!)

And look, that little butt is still cute!

Look at him - this is his new favorite activity. We call it the "Up and Down 72 Times" game.

The best part? I got a flyer in the mail from Toys R Us on Thursday - it included coupons for Seventh Generation diapers! Now I can get them locally instead of paying to have them shipped.
(UPDATE: TRU sucks. The one by me, anyway. They may adverstise that they carry these diapers, but the one by me doesn't. Major suckitude. Still looking for a local place to get these...)

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Anonymous said...

:)!! I remember "Up and Down 72 Times!" I had tried cloth diapers. It lasted all of about 1 day. I wish I had known about these. I spent the better part of my kids infanthood feeling guilty about disposables.

Nicole said...

We cloth diaper and use disposable overnight and on occasional outings. I hate using Pampers but they work the best for us. I'll have to try Seventh Generation again. We used them the first few months and liked them.

Bum Genius are the easiest cloth diapers in existence. I love them. Only problem, we have to super stuff them to get the absorbency we need for the little guy. At almost 2 he pees a lot. Or we have to change him pretty often.

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Hey - sorry about sucking at keeping my schedule this month - argh!

Your post is great though - I've head so many good things about those diapers. Rock on!