Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The good, the bad and the funny

I had such a rotten day yesterday that I originally thought attempting a project for this week's Tackle it Tuesday would make me nuts. But then I realized all the work I got done during this past weekend's rainstorms and thought - "HEY! I really worked my butt off!" There are no pictures, but:

1) The hubby brought up my tote of summer clothes and I put away all my winter ones.
2) I packed away all of Will's cold weather 18-month stuff and pulled out all the 24 mo. and 2T shorts for him that Nick wore last year. ~ gulp!~
3) I packed away all of Nick's cold weather 3T stuff. With any luck, Will will be in 3T by this next winter. I say with luck, because at this rate he may be past 3T by then.
4) I took the kids to Kohl's on Sunday afternoon. They were having one of their usual sales and I had a bonus 30% off (everything) coupon. I took care of all the gift items on my list, including two little girl birthday parties, a baby shower and some Father's Day stuff for Jay. I also bought a bunch of summer PJs for Nick in 4T, along with some more 3T shorts. (He's tall, but MAN is he skinny! I think 4T shorts would just fall right off him.) Oh, and I saved an extra $65 on top of the sale prices. Mmm hmmm...that's right. Mommy RAWKS at finding deals!
5) We celebrated that fact AND that the kids were pretty well behaved in the store by going out for ice cream. We even got compliments at the ice cream place from a little old lady who thought the boys were adorable and well behaved and that I was too young to be their mother. God Bless you, woman!

Then last night we had a nuk emergency. Lotus has been far more successful with her paci weaning than we have. Will's only 15 months old, so we're in the "he gets it before bed and naptime" stage. Except this past week, after just getting his MMR vaccine, he's been whiney and clingy and darn it, I just let him have the thing. Which made bedtime an ear piercing experience that had me digging under the seats of the car in the driveway at 10:30 p.m. when we realized that the ONE we had left was in Daddy's truck, at work with him. Dang it.

See, we decided we weren't going to buy any more. So there are more than that one out there somewhere - the question is where? I dug under BEDS. I ripped apart the toy box. I went so far as to take the little green nuk that was in Nick's memory box - the tiny ones that the hospital gives you for your newborn - and attempted to convince him that THAT was a nootcher. (I don't know how you'd spell that made up word we call his paci - that's my best guess and its my word anyway.) He chewed on it a bit, then threw it on the floor, laughing. At least he wasn't screaming.

I finally found one under the back seat of my car, washed it off and the kid was asleep in five minutes. This was after an hour and a half of this screaming bit, which also kept his brother awake so he could stand on the other side of his door and ask if his brother was OK and if he could come out by us and sleep on the couch instead. It was definitely a night of playing "Test The Limits Of Mommy's Sanity."

Hubby actually came home early, sensing that his wife might take a flying leap off the kitchen counter, and made me feel better. He always does, that good man. He even somehow reminded me that not EVERY part of last night sucked. I showed him the video I took below of our weird little boy. As much as Will pissed me off last night, he's still so darn cute and funny.

Watch his feet - he's done this "foot twirling" thing since he was very little. Its sort of like a dog wagging its tail when its happy - make the kid smile and usually these silly little feet come along with it.

So what are YOU tackling today?


Anonymous said...

Packing for a trip to Texas. Woo hoo. Ugh.

Your seasonal clothing change-out is always the one chore I dread but the one chore I'm glad to have tackled. Well done, you!

Lisa Knight said...

Great Tackle, I am still pulling some winter stuff out of the kids wardrobes, but then it was 38 here last week & then it was 90... lovely!

Karen said...

Aw, it is hard to see them give up a binky. Here is my my tackle. I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of the fabric I chose.

P.S. He loves you... said...

This to shall pass and then you'll want it back!

I know I know ...next please when they are that young but serioulsly..enough those "jumping off the counter" times with lots of comfort in knowing that again..."it flies by.."

Nice blog!! Thanks for your comment!

Melissa said...

Every day is a tackle for me :) Every day by 5 I want to jump off the counter too! And why is it that we have like 80 binkies in the house and they are all missing by bedtime? I am on a hunting trip every night.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Great tackles!! :D

Heart of Wisdom said...

Good tackles!


Jessie said...

Great work, you got a lot done! Good luck with the pacifiers, we're trying to ditch ours too!

Happy2bme said...

Looks like you tacked a lot! Good for you.

Pacifiers - My son never took to them so I didn't have the binky problems like family and friends. He sucked his thumb until he was 11 months and that too we didn't have to try to rid of. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I love that feet twirling thing - how cute is that? he'll be so embarrased when you show that to his fiancee!

I totally sympathise with the
Do-dee (that's what we call them) I remember having to track one down to settle Alexander one night when he wasn't well. Fortunately there was one trapped under his mattress. Jordan just handed all his over to the fairies on Christmas Eve when he was almost 2 and never asked again.

Don Mills Diva said...

Catching up on my blog reading - it's about time too!

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

The feet wriggling thing was sooo cute! I wanted to see more!

THopgood said...

Oh I'm sooooo glad we're past the paci/thumb sucking/blankey phase...It will get better! =)

And as much as I hate feet I can't get enough of those little baby toes...LOVE them....until they reach about 10 years old...then they're just....YUCK!

The feet twirling is too cute!

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Aw, getting rid of the paci is tough! Braden has has some good nights, and some very bad nights. Poor thing has been waking and crying tons the past 2 nights. It's an adjustment for the little buggers, but it has to happen for their own good, eh?

He's so cute twirling his feet! And he's really good with utensils!!!