Tuesday, July 8, 2008

100 Things About Me

I know the tradition is to post this around post #100, but as always I'm running behind. Hope you enjoy!

The Physical Me
1. I'm tall - 5'9".

2. I have big feet - I wear 10s.

3. I'm blond.

4. I won't apologize for getting only one stretch mark from my two pregnancies. Both boys were of good, healthy size (7 1/2 and 8 lbs, respectively).

5. I can still get into my size 10s - hate me if you must. Ha ha! Eights! I can friggin' wear EIGHTS!

6. I have a birthmark on the bottom of my right foot that is completely circular. We've always called it my "chocolate chip".

7. I don't wear a watch.

8. I love my red glasses. Have worn glasses since the 7th grade. (Sadly, the red beloved spectacles have been retired. Boo.)

9. I'm a clutz.

10. My name is Gaelic for "girl".

Family Stuff
11. Both of my boys were born via C-section, despite my great attempts to avoid them.

12. I have three brothers, no sisters.

13. My husband and I started dating when I invited him to a Halloween Party I had with my roommates when I was 18. We've been together ever since. We didn't intend for it to be serious, he just never went away. :O)

14. Hubby & I have known each other longer than that - we met when we were 14.

15. My parents got divorced when I was 11 and I spent the better part of my middle school and high school years caring for my younger brothers. So much so that I know now that I was really cheated out of a LOT.

16. I want more kids, but I don't necessarily feel as though I have to have a girl.

17. I call my husband "Woobie".

18. One of my great-grandmothers lived to be 101.

19. Our family is close enough that I know many of my third cousins.

20. My grandpa & I went to the same high school.

Hobbies & Stuff I Like
21. I went through hunter's safety and have a Wisconsin fishing license.

22. I'm working on a Web Developer's certificate. I have one class and the certificate is complete. I designed my site. Completed - June 2009.

23. I love pedicures. I could get them every week.

24. I love Christmas - I love the idea of teaching my kids the importance of being with family, not so much the presents, though those are nice, too.

25. My wedding ring has a square (princess cut) diamond. I love it.

26. I love TV. It would be hard for me to give up my DVR. (Its HD DVR...ooooh...)

27. I love seafood.

28. Even sushi.

29. Alterra Coffee beats Starbucks any day.

30. I like country music. (Along with a lot of other stuff.)

Stuff I Hate
31. I hate award shows.

32. I hate cell phones that play music when they ring. Annoying.

33. I hate it when people throw lit cigarette butts out their car windows.

34. I hate to clean the kitchen. Any other room is OK.

35. You wouldn't catch me dead in a store the day after Thanksgiving.

36. I don't like scary movies.

37. I am not a "purse" girl. I have more than one, but I don't switch purses to match what I'm wearing.

38. I can't sleep naked. Something about it bothers me. Too vulnerable?

39. I hate people who don't take care of their kids.

40. I hate people who thrive on drama.

I believe
41. I believe in angels - I believe that people who do amazing or really nice things are often those angels.

42. I believe a woman who decides to stay home with her family is just as much a feminist as one who doesn't have children and a lucrative career. It's about the power to choose.

43. I'm a religious person, but I don't believe in being preachy, or one who judges other people based on their beliefs. We're all just puny humans - we might all be wrong.

44. I believe that you should never forget the sacrifices of our veterans.

45. I'm brutally straight-forward and honest. I'm a "tell me like it is" kind of person. I guess I feel that more people should be a *little* more like this. (We spend SO much time sugar-coating!)

46. I believe in miracles.

47. I believe the educational system in this country is shameful.

48. I believe kids should be allowed to fail, or not win.

49. I believe that if you work hard enough for something, you can achieve it.

50. I believe in love.

I Wish
51. I wish I could be the woman who stays home with her family. Tried this. 11/09 - 4/10. Just isn't for me. I can do it...the cooking, cleaning, 24/7 child wrangling. I just like having my own identity, a reason to get dressed and do something that feels productive for the day, and I won't lie - I like the money.

52. I wish we had a bigger house. Done. We moved in October of '09. I've yet to do anything to the house though. :)

53. I wish I were a better cook. I'm pretty basic: meat + veggies + rice or potato.

54. I wish I had gone to a more prestigious college.

55. I wish I had time to get my Master's.

56. I would love to learn how to play the guitar.

57. I would love to travel more. That's what I want to do when I retire.

58. I wish I had a bigger bath tub. I miss long soaks in the claw foot tub we used to have.

59. I wish one of the places my hubby's been applying would hire him. Done! Hubs got hired at his current Sheriff's Department in March 2009.

60. I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth!

Weird Stuff
61. If someone hands something to me I'll take it. Doesn't matter what it is. It's a weird sickness.

62. I compulsively say "please" and "thank you".

63. I also apologize when I shouldn't feel I have to.

64. Some of my friends call me "the useless pit of information". I've won Trivial Pursuit with such questions as, "What was the name of the devil to whom Faustus sold his soul?"

65. I know how to ride a motorcycle. My hubby wants me to get my license. Ha! Got the license - 9/09.

66. My Mom's Mom died in 1992. I can still remember her phone number.

67. I know all the words to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song.

68. I can pitch a dome tent by myself in the dark. I've done it.

69. I had a boyfriend cheat on me once. I punched him and broke his nose.

70. I vacuum my living room every day. No carpet in the living room in the new house. SCORE.

Career & Education
71. I'm a news hound. I have a journalism degree.

72. I was a PartyLite demonstrator a few years ago and used the money to pay for my wedding.

73. It took me six years and three different colleges to finish my bachelor's degree.

74. I took a rock climbing class in college. I loved it!

75. I once wrote a 10-page paper for a senior-level college class on John Hughes movies. Got an A.

76. I was an art major in college for two years. I took two life drawing classes. (Nudes @ 8 a.m. - priceless.)

77. I was in the Ski Club in high school. (Downhill, of course. Cross-country is too much work.)

78. I went to Catholic school for five years.

79. I've had my current job for nearly six eight years. You know, excluding the year I left for a shitty job and then came back.

80. I never thought I'd have a job like the one I do now.

Kid Stuff
81. The best Christmas gift I ever got was the Cabbage Patch Kid my grandma waited in line to get at Toys R Us. It was probably like 1986 or '88, whenever they were super-popular and crazy women fought to get them. He was a preemie and bald. His name was Bart Cass.

82. I used to trade stickers when I was a kid. (Can you say GEEK?)

83. I had a Pogo ball.

84. I had several pairs of jelly shoes. My brother used to steal them and throw them up on the garage roof.

85. I broke my arm falling off the monkey bars when I was five.

86. I spent that summer going down the slip-n-slide with a produce bag on my arm.

87. We got Nintendo the year the Simpson's debuted. It was a family Christmas present.

88. I was in plays in grade school and middle school.

89. My brother Al ruined Christmas for me one year. He always got up earlier than I did and he came up stairs yelling, "YOU GOT A BIKE!!!" Well, there's no reason for me to go check out my presents NOW, is there?

90. I was a big tom boy growing up. I used to cut the hair on my barbies and spend my days playing baseball and freeze tags with the neighborhood boys.

More Me
91. I talk too much.

92. I am a BIG procrastinator. I'm lazy.

93. I like to learn things - why something works, something or someone's history, etc.

94. On our honeymoon, hub and I went parasailing, scuba diving and swam with dolphins in Acapulco.

95. I know how to play chess.

96. I'm a night person. I often will get a second wind to clean the bathroom at 11 p.m. but getting to work at 7 a.m. is quite the challenge!

97. I'm really bad with caring for plants. Wish I weren't.

98. I rarely have problems falling asleep. I would venture to guess that it takes me all of three minutes after my head hits the pillow.

99. I sometimes volunteer to serve lunch to the homeless. I should do it more often.

100. I'm addicted to technology. Don't know if I could (or would want to) live without my blog, my iPod, my TV...the list goes on and on...

And now you know.

Updated 8/10.


THopgood said...

I love reading these 100 lists. There are so many interesting things about you that I would have never guessed!

Suzie said...

I like it. I wish I had a bigger house too and I also compulsivly say please and thank you too.

Kim said...

This was a great read... and esp because I am a tall girl.. and that I too never apologize for not getting one stretch mark..lol..

And I am not sure how I ever lived without the internet. :)

Jogging In Circles

Christy said...

I am 5'9" and wear a size 10 shoe too. I don't mind my height so much, but I have having BIG feet.

lovelylalo said...

OMG lady! I learned so much about you. I do the changing of the purses....it is a habit I must quit.

Who doesn't love Jelly shoes?!?

Sushi is the BEST!

We'd get along great! I can so relate to many things on your list. Check mine out if you get a chance! It is tagged 100 things about me.

I think yours is better! Love the new picture!

IRISHKAT said...

Yeah! Someone to share shoes with! I too am 5'9" but I have to disagree with #38!! ha ha

Happy2bme said...

Great list!! There's so many good ones on here and a few made me laugh. I really like your humor.

"J" said...

I've got you by 1 1/2" on #1!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo a #2!
I'm right there with ya on #3!
No kids so I can't comment on #4!
I wished I was still #5! I don't hate you for it! I think it's GREAT!!! =)
My #6 looks like a hicky! Yeah, for real...it's right on my neck and when I get HOT it turns BRIGHT red!!!
#7 me either!
#8 Don't have any!

I won't go on! lol =)
Just a little about me that is somewhat like you!!!! lol


I'm here from the giveaway just checking out your blog!!!

Later Gator!