Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Coffee Clutch: Got yer java?

Today's random song off Colleen's iPod:

What we've been doing:
Trick or treating!

Trick or Treat '08
Sure fire way to get your 1-year-old to let you draw freckles on his face -

And not a moment too soon - woke up this morning to temps in the 40s - brrr! - and it should stay that way all week.

Nothing all too funny showed up in searches for my blog this week, so let me just throw a few words out there to help the Googlers out: smelly feet, jelly beans, rutabaga, toothpaste and jell-o.

Songs we sang in the car
Nick's been learning some new songs in pre-school, but doesn't know the words all too well. I regularly hear him in the back seat, mumbling under his breath in a musical way, a recognizable word jumping out every here and there. I just try not to laugh - its so cute!

Now, are your kids like this, or just mine? Nick will hear a song on the radio and almost instantly know if its from a kids' movie and which one. He doesn't know the name of the song and doesn't care - he just wants to know which movie it was in. Some 80's song was on the radio the other day and he couldn't think of what movie it was from. He all but had a coronary because I couldn't think of it either. Shortly after, Dancing with myself by Billy Idol came on, which he knows is from Flushed Away so the world was right again.

Moments for me
Not many, sadly. This past week was making up for all that did not get done last weekend. Eh, but you'll have that.

Bloggie stuff
This week, I have a request of YOU dear bloggie friends. Please, Please, PLEASE but an e-mail address on your Blogger account.

I completely understand not wanting folks out here in the World Wide Interweb to know your first and/or last name, but set up a dummy account (such as mine, mommy_wins [at] and have it forward messages to your real email account. You'll still only have to check one email account but this way, when you leave comments, the blog author can reply directly to you. I can't tell you how many times someone leaves me a comment and I could love to ask them a question about it, or answer a question of theirs but there is no email address for me to do so. Lots of times, I'll either A) go to their blog but forget what I was going to say after reading their most recent post or 2) not have time to go to their blog.

I'm in no way saying I get so many comments I can't reply to them all, but rather real life calls and that laundry ain't gonna fold itself! I used to feel a HUGE amount of anxiety about replying to each and every comment but my family threatened to commit me.

So, that being said, have a great Monday - don't eat too much of your kids' candy this week, eh?


Sassy Mama Bear said...

They are so cute, I love the scarecrow....tootsie rolls work on me too, you want to come add frexkles to my face????

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I don't know how to put email on my blogger account, but is it possible for you to add OpenID?

I love that song. Brings back road trip memories. And, the kiddos are too cute in their picture. Already getting candy?

Heidi said...

Hey, I just found your blog, so glad I did, you sound like my kind of gal & I look forward to keeping up with you. And how you got a 1 year old to get freckles on their face???? I had to take my 1 year old's costume back BEFORE Halloween because he refuses to be a turtle! Must have been one in a former life or something. He is wearing a jersey & calling it good.

My2Gs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarecrow costume! Simply adorable :)

Tom said...

Colleen, those are great costumes. The boys look like they can't wait to get started collecting goodies.