Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo Hunt - Lazy

I wasn't going to do a Photo Hunt post today, but I realized I could be lazy and share the photos Nick took earlier this week. Give a three year old a camera and you'll see the things that are most important to them. Up close. Reeeely close.


That's my brother
My brother

My toys

Firetruck bed
My bed

Self portrait
That's me!

There goes the cat!
There goes Zeke!

toys in a tote
Those are some toys in a tote.

The cat
Cool - look at Zeke's eyes.

The floor
That's the floor.

Our TV

remote control
The remote

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Mrs Mecomber said...

Well, wow, he takes pretty good photos! I also see that the toy box is nearly empty... too lazy to fill it with toys? ;)

I did mine, too! Come and visit if you have some free time.

Alice Audrey said...

You lazy person, you!

Then again, my kids don't take such good picture. Instead, I use their toys. :)

Mine's at

Brine Queen said...

I third that! He takes great shots...

Devoted Mama said...

Great pics for this week's theme! Cute pic of you too :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Hey he's got a good eye! Cute idea!

Cheryl Lage said...

How fun to see things through his eyes! Gives a whole new perspective doesn't it?

Perfect for a Saturday post. (and you've got a great smile. :) )

Staci said...

It's always fun to see things from a little one's point of view. Everything seems to interest them. I've got a ton of photos of the carpet and tv from my little one swiping the camera. Great take on the theme!

Baker Watson said...

So you took the lazy way out, lol.

I must admit though, out of all the many cats I have seen today I think that is the only one with its eyes wide open.

Nice little tour with a child's eye view. And he takes pretty good pics.


IRISHKAT said...

He was quite busy! ANd has quite the angles - ha ha

Threeboys1mommy said...

Looks like your living large with all that Little Tikes furniture ;)

OHmommy said...

Look how happy your momma is!

SO cute!

Miss said...

Awesome pics buddy!

lovelylalo said...

Adorable photos. I need to let me kids run around with the camera. I've been so busy lately..not much time for blogging and I miss it. I am trying to be better about checking up on you though.

Very cute! Happy Fall!

Ally said...

That so cute! I might try that with my 3 year old!