Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts from an elevator

If I
were a stay at home Mom
would I
wake at 8 a.m.
and lovingly kiss my children's heads
then turn on Sesame
while I go off to make
their breakfasts?

Would I
make panckaes
or waffles
with bacon or sausage
all the while
planning in my mind
what I would teach them that day?

Or would I
flop down on the couch
that I just can't bear
the thought
making breakfast for my kids?


Kim H. said...

I don't think it matters if you have a job outside of the home - we ALL have those kinds of moments. I wanted to reach thru the phone last night when my husband was telling me about his hotel suite and dinner out - and I was on round two of cleaning up dinner dishes. Girl, we'd have both kinds of days!

I think it's a little of the "grass might be greener on the other side" mentality.


R.L.Scovens said...

I love this!

Melissa said...

You would make them breakfast and then go lay back in bed while they eat. Cause thats what I do. I'm tired!

InTheFastLane said...

I bet it would be some of each.

Mishelle Lane said...

No, you have them get a granola bar and a juice box, and you start your coffee!


This was great piece, Colleen. Questions and concerns that we all have or have had.

Anonymous said...

A little of both. All dependent upon what kind of day it is or what time of the month it is.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Yes. There are def days that happens!

Roger said...

I think everyone deals with this at some point, I mean there are days where I don't get enough of my kids, and there are days (fewer of them, mind you)where I encourage them to go somewhere else. Luckily the bad days are always surpassed by the good and even great days.

Mama Smurf said...

Is "all of the above" an option???

Anonymous said...

If they are with us it's too noisy and lots of hassle, If they go away It's too quiet and the place doesn't feel right!

I'd like an instant nanny who would pop up to look after them while I nip to the shop, or put them in the bath or clean up their toys....

maggie said...

I'd give my eye teeth to be a SAHM, and I'd be all about the big breakfast every day. Maybe because I love pancakes and waffles and bacon and sausage. And coffee. I'd need coffee to pull off this kind of thing.

OHmommy said...

I loved this!

We all feel the same things. I often wonder what it would be like to jet out the door and not see the kids until after 5. LOL.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Oh my oh my oh my. You've hit it totally on the button. Instant classic.

Anonymous said...

It's a different situation for me, but the same idea.

If I didn't live alone would I be more enthused about coming home or would I dread letting my roommate learn that I wear the same pajamas for more than a week on end sometimes.

The grass is always greener ... or so they say.

Kim said...

Yep.. you need to make this into one of those frames so all us moms can hang it on the wall.. :)


Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I love this so much, I'm submitting it to Blog Nosh.

Yes. I. Am.

Happy2bme said...

Very cute post.

Karen MEG said...

I like Mishi's idea... coffee first!!!
This was a perfect post, Colleen :)

morninglight mama said...

So, I don't know what happened, but somehow you fell right off my reader (hope you didn't get hurt on the way down!), and with my terrible case of Mommy-Brain, I didn't notice right away, until today when you were one of the BLOGS OF NOTE on the side of my Google Reader-- WAY TO GO, Missy!!

Now that I'm back, I'm reading some back posts and this one really resonated with me. Very thoughtful about the two worlds that the media would have you think hate each other-- those blasted working moms and us stay-at-homes. Having been both, I'd say nothing is easy, dammit. There are often times that I think, I'm wiping down this high chair for the third time today... and I'll do it three or four times tomorrow... and the day after that...

But, I did have to laugh at the waking at 8 am part- ha! I'm happy if I get to sleep until 6 am, and if I want a shower before the 'big show' that is our typical morning around here, I better haul my patootie out of bed quick! :)

Glad to be back!