Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekly Winners - January 18 - 24, 2009

See? I didn't fall off the face of the planet after all!

I'm just reeeeely bad at planning out posts while on vacation. When I didn't get a chance to write up a post on Thursday before I left, I thought, "Eh, I'll post something while we're in the Dells."

Sha...fat chance.

We spent two days in the Dells at an indoor waterpark hotel with some of our friends and their kids. We ate too much, we laughed a lot and pretty much just enjoyed NOT being freezing cold.

Lots of pics from this week. If you're a new subscriber I swear there will be actually content on this blog sometime soon.

Before we took off for our mini trip, the kids were crawling the walls looking for things to keep them busy indoors.

book tower
When the weather gets COLD, kids get creative.

We took the kids to the museum on Monday (thanks for the holiday, MLK!)

The kids learned stuff.

boy & a butterfly
Like, "Don't poke the butterflies. They don't like that."

Our first night in the hotel the kids were content just to run around like mad
and goof with each other. (Remind me when he's 16 that I once
thought it was cute when he was in bed with an older chick.)
[Insert lots of cute shots of kids swimming and playing here.]

country cemetary
Wisconsin is such a pretty place, even when its covered in snow.
This was just some random country graveyard I saw on the way home yesterday.

scraggly tree
And here's a scraggly tree.

I'm a sucker for old farms.

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Tara R. said...

The 'older chick' photo is wonderful, and I love the tranquility of that last photo of the barns.

Anonymous said...

I love the farm photo too. We have some old farms where there are bits of machinery all over the place, crumbling walls and paint peeling - but they are so picturesque, I always wish I had a camera with me.

Mishelle Lane said...

Beautiful work, Colleen!

maggie said...

Gorgeous shots, Colleen!

I love The Dells. It's been a million years since I've been.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The kids are really cute and I love the shot of the barn.

tiggy said...

Gorgeous. I love the ccraggly tree and that you called it a scraggly tree. I love the kids in bed together. Sweet and sassy all at once.

Smoochiefrog said...

Great shots!

merrymishaps said...

Great shots. I love the farmhouse in the snow!

Rachel said...

Those snow shots are stunning!!!

Great captures this week, I love the first one!!

Have a wonderful week and I hope you have some good down time, or blogging time, whatever ;-)

Proud Mommy said...

Those are some amazing shots!!!! Glad I found you!!!

Devoted Mama said...

Great pics! Hooray for mini-vacations~looks like it was fun!

Anonymous said...

The one of your little dude and the "older" chick is awesome!

Threeboys1mommy said...

Ooh I like the farm picture the best.

Reminds me of your state quarter w/ the cow and the cheese and the corn, sexy! ;-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad you got away and warmed your toes in the water! Looks like smiles all around!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I'm glad you had a great vacay. See you on Plurk soon??