Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hindsight is 20/20

In the midst of this crazy hectic week, somehow I found myself sitting on the couch late one night, looking for one picture out of hundreds - no - thousands.

I browsed through disc after disc (I'm not trying to fool ANYONE - I haven't printed a picture since my youngest son was a newborn) at first only halfway paying attention.

I wanted this photo for a post, and while I never found it, I suddenly realized I was smiling.

2008 was a rough year for us. Not the way it was horrible for those many many families who lost their jobs or homes, but it was a year heavy on work and light on play - and too light on time together as a family.

When 2009 began, Hubster and I had a conversation about needing to make a change. We were running ourselves ragged. And while we both believe in working hard for things in life, there has to be balance - has to be time to enjoy all that you've worked for - otherwise why work for it?

I was surprised to find that the majority of our photos from last year showed a happy, smiling, active family. A family that was clearly having fun together.

(In case you're new 'round here, hubby and I worked opposite shifts from the time I went back to work when Will was 12 weeks old until he started a new job earlier this month. That means that for two years, Hubs and I saw each other for three minutes a day, five days a week when we switched cars outside my work.)

While I don't hope to go back to those living arrangements any time soon, I'm glad we did it. We have two wonderful sons, and we were the ones spending nearly every minute of every day with them. If it wasn't me, it was Hubby that was around to see Will take his first steps or teach Nick to count. (He's four and he can get to 39 before asking, "What comes next, Mom?")

Amidst the photos of my Grandmother holding my infant son while she still had the strength to hold him and Trick or Treating with Daddy were the silly pictures. Those I capture because I want to remember every aspect of our lives.

The ones that depict the reality of our lives as well as the meaningful ones do. Should I ever get a real photo album, I hope I'll still think its a good idea to include them.

will playdough 1

Some children are slow to learn certain things.

You'll see Will is teary in this picture. He'd already been told

42 times not to eat the play-dough.

will playdough 2

After time 43.

will eating chalk

This one I like to call, "Will learns that chalk doesn't taste good, either."

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Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

I catch my 3yo with stuff in her mouth all the time. They never learn.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Our pictures are in complete disaray for the same reason. Thousands, untitled, on the hard drive.

We just had our first overnight without the kids in 5 years. It was remarkable... we were feeling stretched too. I can't imagine the schedule you were maintaining. That is really hard. However, I believe your kids really benefit from the time they've had with you both, and I agree with you, that it's a blessing as their parents to get to experience all these milestones. As cliche as it sounds, they do grow up so fast!

Happy for you that your schedules are matching up.

WeaselMomma said...

That's my couch! Didn't you already take my tile floor??(somebody has it, I thought it was you). You've got great taste.

Marcy - The Glamorous Life! said...

Great Fro post!

My kids used to eat sand at the beach. So much in fact every photo I have of them they have sand around their mouth. Some things can't be stopped!

Can you do me a favor and please link back to Sincerely Fro Me to You linky carnival in this post??

Hey man- its the rules! :)
No Name/Url option on your comments. So it will only link to my old site :(

Brooke said...

how often we over look blessings in our life!

lol @ the blue teeth.

Upstatemomof3 said...

Crayons are much worse. They mix with saliva and then the kid drools purple (or whatever color they ate).:) I love the rest of this post because of its honesty and reflection. I say good for you guys for always being there. I run an in home daycare and I always say I would love to be put out of business because all the parents were able to be with their kiddos full time.

Tammy said...

I am almost positive I told my daughter no less than 4 million times not to eat the play-doh. Probably the same amount of times my mom told me not to eat the paste! (do they even make paste anymore??)

Tenakim said...

cute pics- I always used to see a rainbow in my kids' back teeth from eating crayons- oddly- they never seemed to mind it.

Norse, Jesica, and Boden said...

Good post! I think maybe I need to go count my blessings and tell my son not to eat whatever it is he found on the kitchen floor :)

Jenny in Utah said...

It's amazing what kids can handle, we think their little bodies are so delicate, but my goodness they have tummies made of steel!

Very cute!

Dr Zibbs said...

Cute pics. And thanks for visiting my amazing blog.

Aunt LoLo said...

Aww...those are tough lessons to learn. (Chocolate good, playdough bad)

Glad you guys are getting more time together now!!

Muthering Heights said...

Ewww, WHY do kids try to eat everything?!?

littletoesandcheerios said...

This is the reason I haven't bought play dough yet,LOL! I think I'll make the homemade kind they can eat. :) You can make it and add food coloring for fun.

Organizing Mommy said...

cute!! My kids and I were just reminescing about the times they ate laundry detergent and coins and such.. Brings back crazy memories.

Kim H. said...

You are amazing! And I just have to say that I'm just so impressed that you and Jay have it figured out -- may be not ALL of it figured out -- but you know that family comes first. I love how the two of you WORKED TOGETHER to make a parent available to be with your kids. That's HUGE! And although I'm sure at times it would have been easier to do something different, you made the sacrifice -- and for that, you are MY HERO! :)

And I'm sorry Will but I laughed at your sweet baby face when you ate the play-doh. I mean, dude, come on, 42 times of "don't eat the play-doh". But Mrs. H still thinks you're pretty much the most adorable little cutie pie ever! Just don't eat any worms or anything nasty, kay?


Roger said...

Ah Momm, Playdoh is good! Chalk on the other hand...