Saturday, March 28, 2009

Win of the Week: Viewer questions

Something about me must just give off that "geek vibe" (however could THAT be?!?) because I get quite a few emails from bloggy friends asking me techie questions.

Don't get me wrong -- I have NO problem sharing my tricks.
Just remember I like pomtinis when you see me at BlogHer.

Kidding - kidding! (No I'm not.)

But once I started getting more of the same questions, I thought I might just share with the rest of the class.

So if you have a question, or something you think I should cover, email me!

Ashley and Roger wanted to know where I got those fancy shmancy little Twitter, Flickr and Technorati buttons over in my left sidebar.

Well, to be honest, I asked Maggie the same question a while back. They're from Icon Archive. And looking around, they've got some other really cute ones - round icons, icons wearing Santa hats and ones that look like little chocolates.

You can also download those RSS feed buttons in 50 different colors from

Mary had a few questions for me the other day that I know I've been asked before.

First, she wanted to know if she could make her navigation bar a different color.

You can put a color into the styles for your navbar, like this:

#navbar-wrapper {
height: 55px;
width: 1030px;
background-color: blue;

You could also use a hexidecimal color here (like #CC9999) to match your blog.

She also wanted to know how you could show a list of a few recent posts instead of ALL the archives.

This one's actually easier than you'd think! Its actually an RSS feed of my last five posts. In blogger, add the "feed" gadget and put in your own blog's RSS feed URL. That's it!

Now, this one I'm sharing this next one with you because I know I'm not doing this the best way and I'm hoping someone'll chime in with a comment and tell me how better to do it. She also wanted to know how I made my sidebar section titles in a font different from my copy.

I totally cheated. I made graphics in those fonts and uploaded them to Photobucket. What you actually see is the embedded image above whatever gadget or other code I wanted there. I know there's a way to use a font that's web-based and have it used for your post and sidebar titles, but I've yet to figure out that trick.

That's all, y'all! See? No real mystery.

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Denise said...

You might be a techie geek when:

1. you use the word hexidecimal in a post.

Ha! Ha! Just kidding! I love all of your tech geek posts because I myself am a tech moron. You know, the opposite of a tech geek.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

You lost me at hexidecimal thingamabobit! I'm impressed! I had to hire someone to help me revamp my blog recently and she found those cute chocolate buttons. I have one for my RSS feed. Sometimes when I'm really hungry I get the temptation to try to touch my screen and get a little chocolate from it.

Organizing Mommy said...

I'm impressed. I hired a tech-geek to help me redesign my blog. People who know as much as you do can and should make money on that sort of information. Where is WI are you? I'm in Rockford, 40 minutes from WI border.