Thursday, April 9, 2009

Because sometimes I just want to share how I feel about completely inane things.

I loves me a good commercial.

We love that "super delicious" girl in our house. She reminds me of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine.

And this one's got an ANNOYING song but somehow its also catchy, youknowhutimean?

And...this one's just WRONG.

Have you got a commercial you just love?


mrs007 said...

ok for one thing...why don't you live closer to me? Adam and I love the first 2 commercials so much. And that is odd because we rarely watch live tv.

and 2. that fishy McDonald's commercial is hilarious.

and c. the last one? with the arm pit hair. I have been avoided that one for weeks. what ad agency was disturbed/brilliant enough to approve that one? it's is disgusting but memorable. Brilliant marketing

kcgirlgeek said...

You know, Colleen...I don't know much, but what I DO know is that when we've been wearing our mommy hats long enough without a break...we being to become a little...strange (or maybe MORE strange). ;)

My ex-hubby came home from work one day to see me sitting in front of the television singing along with a Mr. Clean commercial. Then when he asked how my day was and I proceeded to recount to him the daily antics of Bananas in Pajamas, and what Oscar said on Sesame Street...he promptly informed me that I needed to get out more and immediately reached for the phone to dial up a sitter.

The man was seriously worried.

I'm kind of feeling like that about you right now.....

WeaselMomma said...

Dude, you asked me too fast. I have lots of 'love it' commercials and can't come up with even one right now.

Kim said...

That last one is just WRONG.. hahaha.. it is so wrong it is funny.. hahah

Kim H. said...

I posted that last one on my blog a while back -- I love it. I always say to Leo "What? This little gift from mother nature?" -- and I love when the commercial starts and she's like "Hey Don" -- in her nasally voice. It just cracks me up.

And we too love the "super delicious" girl -- and you're right -- she totally reminds me of Olive. That is a great movie. So my sense of humor. Anything with Toni Collette is genius. She's awesome.

Now we don't have that fish commercial here in our market, although thanks to the beauty of "You Tube" I've had the pleasure. Just yesterday I was talking to my SIL in Chicago and my nephew was in the background singing it. For reals. It's hilarious!

Burgh Baby said...

I need to get out more (or is it stay in more?) because I had never seen a single one of those. Wowsers.

Tara R. said...

I really like the Blackberry ad where the delivery service is running the school. I also like the Guitar Hero commercials to the Risky Business song.

Roger said...

I can't see the video's, but that's because I'm at work :( However, I think I have seen them all, from the descriptions in the comments.

All I can say is, I am so happy that Lent is over, so I don't have to hear that somg again!

jsprik said...

i dislike the last one extremely reminds me of my sister in high school and how she never shaved her pits, ddddeeeeeeecusting!! thanks for a laugh!!