Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome to the Mommy Confessional

I got a lot of great comments and feedback on my post last Friday. So many that I thought it would be fun to do again -- with prizes.

Did you have a bad week? Maybe lose your patience more than you'd have liked? Serve cereal for dinner? Space on the cupcakes you were supposed to bring for class? Lose your keys?

I wanna hear about it.

Yes, we'll probably laugh at you, but that's the point. Hopefully you'll read a comment from another reader and feel justthismuch better about yourself, and laugh too. We all do it...

So...while reading my comments, one just sorta stood out. From Denise:

This week I let my kids wear their pajamas all day on Monday, I ate 1/2 of their
Easter candy on Tuesday, I bribed my daughter w/ a new movie to get her pictures
taken at school on Wednesday, I forgot to even give them breakfast on Thursday,
and today I listened to my son scream in his crib for 1/2 hour because, darn it,
he NEEDS to take a nap! (or is it that I needed him to take a nap? ... eh, same

So Denise, if it only makes you feel the teensiest bit better, I have a bottle of Basa Body's Coconut Lotion with your name on it. Its organic, not greasy and the coconut smell isn't overpowering - I hope it helps relieve the stress!

NOW...on to my snafu of the week. I still can't believe what a freakin' dolt I am.

After picking up my precious lappy the other day we stopped and ate dinner, then pulled up to the grocery store so I could run in and get a few things. We needed bread, coffee creamer, lunch meat and fruit. Without grabbing a cart, I filled my arms with items and grabbed a few things extra until I couldn't manage one thing more.

In my excitement to be united with my new boyfriend, we headed home...where I promptly set the bags of groceries on the counter and LEFT THEM THERE.



The next morning I poured my coffee, went to the fridge for the creamer and did a double take. What the -- OH. NO.

I whirled around to see my groceries sitting right where I left them. Warm.

D'OH! (I guess I'm thankful that the damn dog didn't get into them!)

Got a "Mommy FAIL" of your own from this past week? Share it in a comment - this week I'll pick my fave to win a copy of Jill Sobule's latest album, California Years. You'll love the story - without a record label again, she solicited donations from fans in exchange for "prizes". (A $10 donation got a free digital download of the album after its release, a $10,000 donation got you the ability to lend your vocal talents to a track.) She raised $75,000 in about six week's time and made her album. Click to hear 'San Francisco'.

Confess away...and don't feel bad. We're not perfect, either.

(This giveaway is open until next Friday when I'll announce the winner and next week's prize!)


Zoeyjane said...

But. But...

If I told you that stuff, I'd almost entirely lose the mommy aspect to my blogger! This is an awesome idea. Love it.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I let my kids watch "just one more show" because I didn't want to get off the internet several times last week.

Kelly said...

I too left a bag of groceries sitting out over night. Only, my bag included the bologna for the kids lunches the next day. I sent my kids to bed at 6:30 one night because I had just had enough for the day. They asked me 3 times why they had to go to bed during the daytime. Also, I let them dig a hole "to China" in the driveway (my husband's gonna freak) so that I could get enough quiet time to answer a few emails. June Cleaver, I am not!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is brilliantly awesome--I feel much better about leaving clothes in the washing machine (wet, mind you) for 3 days now.

LceeL said...

Where have I been? You have a new lappy - and I didn't know. You wrote that lovely post about your Great Grandmother - and I didn't know.

Whip me, hurt me. I won't let this happen again.

Denise said...

I'm so flattered to stand out among all of your commentors last week ... for being the biggest slacker of them all : )
I also find it hilarious that when I click on the link of my name, it brings you to my "blog" that I haven't updated since January. Slacker, indeed!

Veggie Mom said...

As long as you're asking, I had a FABULOUS week...and now it's Friday, the sun is out, and I'm off work, so that's even better. Enjoy your weekend!

Kat said...

Yeah, I am guilty of Secret Moms 'one more show' and then renigging on reading a story because I hadn't read my emails in days! And just like Green girl - my clothes have been in the dryer since Sunday night - le sigh. I am such a rawk star Mom!

Colleen said...

You read my post earlier this week.
My clothes still smell like cologne and I'm wondering now if women will start hitting on me because I smell so studly.


Nice to meet another Colleen out there! Maria at MommyMelee rocks, huh?

Kim H. said...

Dude -- did you read my mind. Check out my post from yesterday morning.

I think I could be a contender. And thank you for letting me visit the confessional.

Mrs4444 said...

This is a terrific idea. I confess that my students watched movies and played on the computer for two days (but I was sick; does that count?)

A Mom Anonymous said...

Oh so guilty of the "one more show" deal. The latest slacker move here by both Mommy AND Daddy - letting the 8 year old read to the 4 year old at bedtime for an extra $.50 a week. Not every night, just those nights that we really can't stomach another round of the same. damn. stories.

melanie said...

i looked at the school calendar online and filled in my schedule accordingly. although it made no sense to me, i thought my daughter was off wednesday and thursday, at school on friday and then a whole week off for spring break. why would they only go back for one day????

my husband and i both grumbled quite a bit about it. but we kept her home. only to find out on friday that she did have school, just the high school was off.

bad mommy. bad, bad mommy.