Saturday, May 2, 2009

Win of the Week: Odds n Ends

When I write these posts, I don't mean to imply that I'm an expert. Techno-geeky-jumbo just comes easily to me, and I seem to have an ability to explain that techie-wechie stuff to other people in a way they can understand.

Just call me the translator. (Heh..heh..huh-huh heh...that was cool, Bevis...)

But I certainly don't know it all. I've gotten some really great bloggy tips from other bloggers - in fact, some of the coolest things I've learned I picked up during conversations on Twitter.

So - you remember my article last week about SEO? Kristen of We Are That Family posted some great links this past week that I didn't know about. One was to a Website grader - you plug in the URL of your blog, and it will process a report, judging the elements of your blog or site.

Go ahead, do it - the report will give you insight as to what you can change on your blog to make it easier to read, navigate and look more professional.

One thing I got out of my report was that using more than 10 keywords in your metadata (the SEO stuff I showed you how to create last week) dilutes the weight of those keywords. So think about the words you chose for your SEO/metadata and select just those that are most important. Keep in mind that posts you write can also be found based on the content in them.

Another bloggy friend, Napwarden, wrote about hiding that Blogger search bar that appears at the top of Blogger blogs. I twittered some time ago to find out how I might do that and someone emailed me the same link that Napwarden links to in her post. Those instructions are pretty simple, but I'd recommend you go and read Napwarden's whole post.

She's got some other suggestions as to how you can make your Blogger blog look just as good as self-hosted or more expensive blogging platforms. She's also a very talented designer, so if you're looking to "up your game" and pay for a custom design, I'd highly recommend her. You can see samples of her work here.

Is there any "bloggy thing" you've always wanted to know about? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know what's on your mind. I'll answer your questions in a future post.

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie @ Faithful Follower Of Christ said...

I went over to the website grader and my blog's score was 79. I have questions regarding the accuracy of some of the information. For instance, my feedburner counter shows that I have 38 feed subscribers. The report generated by the website grader says that Bloglines reports 1,357 subscribers. I would love to think I have all of those subscribers, but I'm just not sure that is accurate. Do Bloglines subscribers not go through feedburner? Maybe there is something I am missing here? :) I will check back on this post for your answer (assuming you have one of course)! :)

Erin @ Closing Time said...

I love all of your blogging tips! I just started blogging in March, so I have a LOT to learn.

I do have a question. How do you add space between buttons on a sidebar? I have tried using the HTML widget and just pasting the codes one after another, but they are too close together for my taste. Then I tried pasting each one in its own HTML widget (which is how it is currently). That seems to be too much space between, and I feel like I am wasting room on my sidebar. (You can see what I mean at

Can you tell me what code to paste in between the HTML codes for each button that will give a little bit of space?

I hope this makes sense!!