Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

My huge vent the other day really has helped...a lot.

I did get some tweets and emails asking whether it was really the smartest thing to be announcing to the public at large some of the things I'm planning in the future. The NEAR future.

My answer was simply this:


Please don't mis-understand this as cockiness. At this point in my life its far more important for me to alleviate some of my stress by any means possible than it is to keep it all under wraps for fear of the wrong person reading it.

And if you get to that point in your life, well, then it boils right down to basic human needs -- self preservation being high on that list just after air, water and oh...shelter.

Writing those soul-purging posts has helped me to clear the fog in my brain and remember there are lots of people and things in my life that really ARE important that I'm really blessed to have.

Those LOOOONG tirades have helped me to physically see the strain I've put on myself over the past, oh...LIFETIME and that while the quest for, if not perfection, then the quest for 'living a life in the way I for some un-Godly reason think it should be lived' is just ridiculous. Cuz if the point to which I've driven myself where I just can't internally handle reality anymore is even close to that perfection?

Then I no longer want it.

So hopefully from now on you'll come here, to my little place in the blogosphere and find a happier person, with funny stories about the crazy things my kids do and say, tales of the things my hubby does to show me he loves me after all these years, and how I'm so happy to be on this crazy ride with them all.

And I hope you'll join me over the next several weeks while I make a journey from HERE to THERE.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad you are feeling better after your vent. I'll email you soon about the blog design.

mammydiaries said...

Yay Colleen!!! I wanted to pump my hand in the air (Okay, so I kind of did) reading your last two blogs, I was motivated for you, if that's at all possible:) Oh! Baby crying, more later.

Roger said...

I love that you vented, and that it has helped you. I also love the fact that you are not concerned about any repercussions from your employer.

Now go and have a great time at Blogher!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'll be tuning in to read how things develop:)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Geez, I've been MIA and missed so much!! I am so sorry girl for your stresses. :-(

But on a good note, I FREAKING LOVE your layout. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. :)

Kelley said...


Maybe not as drastic as yours, but I just went and put my sanity first and not my job.

Yay us!

LceeL said...

I am always going to come here. I love reading you and I ALWAYS WILL.

Anonymous said...

Wow, haven't visited your site in a while! I see that there have been a lot of changes for you. Good luck with it all!

Mrs4444 said...

Just popping back in to say how much I loved meeting you, Colleen. You are hilarious and sweet-a great person to keep us all grounded. Keep doing what you do over here, whatever way you want to do it :)