Friday, August 21, 2009

A thank you and a laugh.

I wanted to write short post today to thank everyone for the kind comments you've left on my last two posts. I almost didn't post part 2, simply because while part 1 was short and succinct and to the point, I sort of got waaaay off topic on #2 and it really just turned into another "clearing of the brain" rant.

I want to say that in no way do I think my life has been horrible...many people have had a worse time of it than I did. Everything that's happened to me has shaped me into the person I am today, and while I've been going through a really rough time lately, I am thankful for everything I have and there's not a day I don't thank God for it all.

So...what better way to say thank you than with a laugh? Courtesy of Nick, of course.

Nick, August 2009

Yesterday was Daddy's "short day", meaning he had only a few hours between shifts and the boys were with a sitter ALL DAY. We normally go out to eat or otherwise do something fun on Daddy's short days.

Me: "So, boys. Where do you think we should go for dinner? Qdoba for chicken and cheese (a.k.a. quesadillas, plain) or Olive Garden for noodles and sauce?"


Nick: "Um...what are the choices again?"

Me: "QDoba or Olive Garden."


Nick: "Um, what do they have there again?"

Me: {sigh} "Chicken and cheese quesadillas, plain - with no spicies, or noodles with sauce."


Me: "OK, Will, simmer down."


Nick: "McDonald's."



A few minutes later, I'm changing out of my work clothes, getting ready to leave, when Nick comes in.

Nick: "I wanna go to Kindergarten."

Me: "You ARE going to Kindergarten. But not today. School starts in two weeks."


Me: "Uh, hello Mr. Sassy-pants. If you're going to be naughty we aren't going ANYWHERE."

Nick, sniffing, fighting back tears: "But you said we could go to Kindergarten."

Me: "Yes. You're going to Kindergarten. We drove past your new school, remember? But Kindergarten doesn't start for two weeks. You'll go...I promise." I'm distractedly looking under the bed for a stray shoe.

Nick: "But I wanna go TODAY!" At this, the tears start and I sit up and hug him.

Me: "What's wrong buddy?"

Nick: "blubberblubberblubberblubberblubber"

Me: "Bud, that's not English. What happened?" I'm perplexed at his sudden tears.

Nick, sniffing: "You said we could get noodles with sauce, at KINDERGARTEN."


Me: "Do you mean OLIVE GARDEN? I said Olive Garden has noodles with sauce, not KINDERGARTEN."

Nick, laughing, with tears in his eyes: "Oh. Yeah. Olive Garden."



WeaselMomma said...

I love it and am glad not to be the only one having these conversations. Good luck with Kindergarten.

Wineplz said...

Oh my! Sounds like so many of my conversations with my kids, too! One screaming about food and the other one not paying enough attention to hear what's going on and tears from a misunderstanding...sheesh! :) I'm glad this one turned out with laughter afterwards. :D

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Too cute.

Kirsten said...

Nick is sounds so cute. Poor thing. I am glad the story had a happy ending.

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, man, that's CUTE. And that pic! WOW-What a sweetheart. You sure grow 'em handsome :)

Tara R. said...

*snort* that is priceless. The little Kindergarten girls are gonna love him!

faintstarlite said...

I have a feeling kindergarten comes along faster than one would think...

reener said...

Cracked up! That is one for the books!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm laughing and wincing because I've had several of these conversations! Dick Donno's indeed!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

So cute! Hopefully they WILL have noodles & sauce at kindergarten!

Roger said...

Too sweet!

Doo Doba's, indeed.

But I like Dick Donno's, the best. :)

Not really, but that is too cute.

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing I've read in a week. Give that boy a hug!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE stories like this. They always remind me to slow down, listen to my kids, see (or hear in this case) things from their perspective. What a precious child you have!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That is fabulous. Need to read the last two now. :)

Kim H. said...

You had me at Dick Donno's!

Kids, you just gotta love 'em.

Momo Fali said...

That picture! The cuteness! He could ask me to take him to the moon for dinner and I would have to say yes.

NicEmMOM said...

Love it!