Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Domestic Diva FAIL.

I've been a bit absent from the scene lately, but for good reason.

Our house is for sale!

I had hoped to compile a Wordless post today that contained nothing but a picture of the sign in our yard, but we don't yet have one. However...

The listing "went live" on Saturday.

We had two showings yesterday.

And another scheduled for today.

I am somewhat freaking out and somewhat praying that the interest continues and that the folks who've seen it already want to come back and see the upper unit.

And I am in need of about 12 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep. (Cleaning your house top to bottom including the basement is for the birds. Unfinished asements? SHOULD have cobwebs. You can quote me on that.) I have never before had all of my laundry done at one time (and still don't), but apparently, our closets and dressers only "work" based on my usual system of "there is always dirty laundry." Cuz with it all clean? There isn't room to put it all away! There aren't any dirty dishes to be found...I think my sink is lonely.

Don't worry! In the midst of all this over-achieving cleanitude, I have somehow still found a way to be a slacker.

While unloading the dishwasher the other night, I noticed something strange in the silverware bucket.


What in THE HELL is THAT?!?






Melisa with one S said...

Just think...if you're too busy to make dinner tonight, you can all share that piece of chicken. It's cooked, cleaned, and totally sterilized.


Anne Alagna said...

OMG, that is gross! I am not saying I havent done it... last week I had to USE MY BARE FINGERS to take macaroni noodles and ground beef out of the spinner.

Congrats on the house. Just having viewings is promising in this market! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Gross but I've done it too. Good luck with the house.

Sue said...

Very exciting and I know what a pain it is to keep it clean all the time. I think you are overdoing it by washing the chicken, though.

Heather said...

Awww! Congrats on the house!

As for the chicken? EWWW. ha ha ha ha. Guess you didn't see that one, huh?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Gross. Yay on you and that house though! Going to wash DISHES now (hahaha).

LceeL said...

I'll bet if you tried you could steam clams in a dishwasher.

Where are you going to move to? Are you still going to be in Cheeseland?

Kelly said...

I tell my husband all the time that I cant wash all the laundry because it won't fit. I don't think he believes me, so next time he complains, I think I'll donate his clothes to charity. That'll make more room and less work! j/k :)

Solessence said...

You have lovely cuticles.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Uh... I think I've done that before.

Still, EW.

Karen said...

Here's hoping that it sells soon, because that keeping it clean bit is not fun in any realm of the universe.

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Ha..I thought it was a hermit crab or something. Good luck on the sale of your home. I know that I never have enough hangers to have all my laundry done at once. Even though it seems like I buy a case of hangers every other month. STRANGE to say the least.

Wineplz said...

what? you didn't eat the tasty, bite-sized chicken jerky?

Kirsten said...

How funny, I was saying to myself "WTH is that"? It looked like a seashell at first. Until the close-up pick. Then I wasn't really sure.