Wednesday, August 25, 2010

(Kinda Wordless) Wednesday - the Shuh-Kah-Goe Edition


Sometimes life doesn't suck. Like Friday afternoons when you have to go to Chicago for a long meeting with a business partner, but then after the meeting they take you for an architectural tour on a boat and you get to spend 90 minutes in the beautiful midwestern sunshine with a drink in your hand taking pictures of pretty buildings.






You can see the rest of the photos in my set here.


Wisconsin Mommy said...

Something is wrong with my brain! I had to read your title THREE times before I got it. (It was only when I muttered it out loud while reading that I finally figured it out.)Duh - too much summer, I think.

Melisa with one S said...

The CAF tour is one of the BEST things I've ever done in Chicago (and you know how much I've done in Chicago!). So glad you went on it!

Great pics, too...OF COURSE! :)

Candra Georgi said...

your labels are great! ha ha

i love your blog title too. totally had me curious.


Karen MEG said...

That architecture tour is the best, isn't it? Did it 7 years ago this weekend - would have loved to have had the time to do it again last summer but was off doing other blog-type stuff... remember?
Glad that you were able to enjoy Chicago on a work trip - that's usually the worst when all you see is your hotel room and office towers, and then you're gone!

Hope you're well, Colleen!