Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The post where I guess I talk about food a whole lot. And Milwaukee. And beer.

I sometimes get caught up in writing "the perfect post". I get hung up on including pictures (I feel like I must take one, or dig through my disc archive for the just the right one I know I took that one time six months ago) or in telling a story "just so".

And I sometimes make myself crazy.

I know I shouldn't. I know I should let go and just write, but that's easier said than done. I know that sometimes I leave out a story that would be interesting or funny or just...a story...because I let it sit half done for weeks on end because its just not totally right.

So in an attempt to let go, I'm going to tell you about my weekend.

Because finally finally my husband's schedule rotation has allowed him to have weekends off.

If your significant other is regularly home on the weekends, let me just tell you - this is like being kissed by an angel and eating cookies for breakfast all at the same time. The cookies you buy for just YOU and that you hide from your kids. With a coffee from Starbucks that's JUST the right temperature. That you didn't have to go and pick up.

True to form -- when the Hubster is home we try and cram as much stuff as possible into our lives -- and you know that we did exactly the same thing on our nights out together.

The first Friday night he had off we went to AJ Bombers downtown. If you're not from the Milwaukee area, AJ Bombers is known for its burgers. Recently, the Travel Channel's Food Wars was in town, pitting burgers from Bombers and another local place (Sobelman's) - the episode is due to air in season 2 (and don't ask me when that starts, dude - their site doesn't even say). I had the Bomber Burger (a cheeseburger topped with a baked portabello mushroom that is stuffed with cheddar and muenster cheese). I may have needed an AED afterward, but it was yummeh. And their fries alone? BEYOND AWESOME.

From there, we headed to Buck Bradley's on Old World Third Street. If I had to tell a visitor to go to a sterotypical old-school Milwaukee bar, I'd tell them to go to Buck Bradley's. The building is made of the brick that gives us the Cream City nickname, and its old enough to make you realize why its on a street called "Old World". I think they should require their bartenders to have handle-bar mustaches. (They do wear those old fashioned long white aprons.) Its right down the street from Usingers and Mader's Restaurant and you almost want to oohm-pa-pa your way out the door.

The next Friday night we went to The Painted Parrot, which is in what we locals call "Dirty Stallis". (They actually sell shirts that say "I ♥ Stallis" on them, and don't go gettin' all pissy that I called it Dirty Stallis. I grew up there. I'm allowed.) They're known for their fish, and that's what we actually went to get. But somehow between the beers our group consumed while waiting for our table and looking at the calypso-themed paintings on the walls, I decided that a jerk chicken sandwich sounded even better. That and the nachos that are served (literally) on a garbage can lid. We did get to try the fish though -- double yummeh.

This past weekend was his third in a row not working, and I can tell you - I'm beginning to get spoiled. We had a sitter for the kids (again) on Friday night (egads!), and when he picked me up downtown again after work, I suggested that we stop by Ryan Braun's Waterfront Grill for a drink and an appetizer.

Now, first, I must admit a great fondness for Ryan Braun. Not only is he a great player, but my sons both idolize him. And they're both of the age where they'll completely believe me if I tell them that Ryan Braun always eats his dinner! or Ryan Braun never hits his brother! So anyway, its on the river, very near Lake Michigan, and its modern and manly (cement bar!) and was a great place to stop after work and have a drink and an appetizer. And watch the couples in the condos across the river retire to their balconies after work to watch the boats cruise down the river.

After Ryan Braun's, I suggested we head to Nanakusa for sushi. I ♥ sushi. I could probably eat it at least once a week. We tried a few different sakes together and we left with full bellies and the crazy thought that

"Hey! Know where else we should try sometime? The bar at Iron Horse!"

except we decided that the proper "sometime" was exactly that moment.

Now, in case you're like so out of it and you, like, don't know what Iron Horse is, its a motorcycle-themed hotel down the street from the Harley-Davidson Museum. I saw you just curl your lip up all "unh" like. Don't do that. You'll get wrinkles.

Its got a really awesome "vibe" to it. We had an after dinner drink at Branded, and it was just...COOL. I mean, go check out the pictures (cuz I tried to take some with the Hubster's cell phone camera, and nuh-uh - they didn't work out so well). What other hotel has "Motorcycle Shipping" under amenities? Just cool.

So...basically what I'm saying is that I've had a great couple of weekends with The Hubster. And not exactly many plans for this weekend, either. (Hmmm...wonder if we can drag the kids somewhere?)

That, and, um, I guess I'm available for Milwaukee travel writing.

Or something.


WeaselMomma said...

Yay for date nights!
Sounds like you are living it up. Keep going, you deserve it.

Melisa with one S said...

You're just trying to catch up because of all the missed weekends, that's all!

I need a date night...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dang, you're really packing it in! The fun, I mean, not the food and beer;)

Wisconsin Mommy said...

The Food Wars episode is scheduled to air on October 13th - should be a good one. (We LOVE Bombers too - can't beat it!)