Friday, December 17, 2010

And now for something completely different...

My bad mood having passed, I was inspired this morning by a post written by my bloggy friend Mary. She wrote about her top moments of 2010, and then asked her readers about their own.

I know that *I* sometimes get caught up in the chaos of my life and forget about all of the good things that I have, and I needed the mental kick in the pants to re-set my brain.

So in whatever order I came up with them, here are my top 10 moments of 2010. I hope that you can put the stress of your holiday aside, just for a few minutes, and come up with your own list - cuz its really fun to remember.

1) Going to NYC to hang out with bloggie friends at BlogHer and seeing a city I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see.


2) Taking a trip to Jamaica with my hubby – PARADISE!

3) My oldest son starting Kindergarten AND reading!

Little reader

4) Even though going back to a full time gig was a hard decision to make (and continues to be a hard thing to do some days), getting a call from what was my old boss asking me to apply for the job because he wanted me to come back was a pretty big honor.

5) Being asked to be the local Countrywide Financial blogger for both the Jewel and Jason Aldean shows was more than a little awesome.

6) 2010 was The Year of The Wedding. Lots of family weddings = Lots and lots of laughs.

Fist pumping ridiculocity with my brothers and sis-in-law to be
7) I suddently found my three-year-old to be this amazing little person who has funny opinions about everything and won't hesitate to tell you all about them.

goofy boy

8) I decided to start going to the gym and get in better shape - and its made a BIG difference!

9) Having a great big backyard for my boys to run around in all summer long.

backyard baseball

10) And maybe most importantly, I’ve really connected with a few friends this year in a way I’ve never connected with friends ever before in my life. :)

What were your top 2010 moments?

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