Friday, January 28, 2011

Brain purge.

~ My little brother is getting married this weekend. Well, really, he's 6'4" but he's still my little brother and while I know he's a grown-up its a little crazy, you know? It should be a really fun weekend and I get to dress like a princess. :)

~ I'm really loving the new Tiger Suit CD by KT Tunstall.

~ I'm sick of the snow. I'm sick of everyone talking about snow. I'm sick of my dog tracking it in the house just after I've cleaned up after her the last time. Is it spring yet? Oh, that's right - we're getting 3-4" more of snow. Today. Grrr... (BTW my friend Sue did a little spring-wishing sprucing up that's really cute - go check it out.)

~ This past week at work I feel like I've done nothing but create SQL Reports. Oh...that's right...cuz that's all I've done. That might be why.

~ I'm working a half day today, then I'm going to get my nails done (see previous comment on princessitude) and plan to have them use this color, which I've already used on my toes. Pretty...

~ Oh, and did you hear? The Packers have made it to the Super Bowl. While I'm immensely pleased my home team has made the big gig, I'm a little sick of the parody songs that have been playing on the radio every five-danged-minutes. Like a Cheesehead? Really? Green and Yellow? The bang on the drum song is the worst OF ALL! BARF. Are they doing this crap in Pittsubrgh?

Yes, deep thoughts, I know...happy weekend y'all!

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