Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday baby.

When I was pregnant with my second child, we learned his due date was February 19th. The day after my birthday.

SO many people smiled hugely when they heard that news. "Wouldn't that be cool if he was born on your birthday?" My thought? Uh, no. I'm thinking that would SUCK for him. I're in high school. You're sixteen. And you're sharing a birthday cake with your mother? Blech.

But as most mothers will tell you, once you hit the last few weeks of your pregnancy, most women will do just about anything to get. that. baby. OUT. Once that kid nears the size and weight of an actual watermelon most people are ready to endure any amount of pain just to be able to sit upright again without being short of breath or having a shooting pain stab them in their ass. Or, you know, that could just be me.

So when my 29th birthday rolled around and there was no kid? I was pissy.

February 19th and no baby? PEEVED. And probably just a wee bit crabby.

February 20th? I had a doctor's appointment during which the good doc informed me that he typically lets women go A WEEK OVERDUE before scheduling inductions. I probably would have stabbed the man had I had anything in my pockets with which to cause harm, but as it was, I was wearing nothing but a flimsy paper gown...I couldn't even give him a papercut with that thing.

I remember, vividly, sitting at home that evening, crying. The Hubster and I recorded a "Hey - you'll know when the damn baby makes his appearance" outgoing message on our answering machine. And then I went to take a bath and glare at my oversized belly.

And then? At 9:30 p.m. the contractions started. By 11:45 we were at the hospital, and by 3:25 a.m. we had a baby. And that's exactly how this child has lived his life.

He will do something if and only if it is HIS idea, and only when he's ready to do so.

And then? Dude...he jumps in head-first with absolutely no fear.


There are many days when I think I could learn a little something from Will.

Happy birthday, baby. You make my heart happy in ways I could never describe.

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