Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We survived.

Those of you from more fair-weather states should know that the real trick to surviving a big snowstorm is to NOT GO OUT INTO IT. That way, the only thing that can kill you is the sheer number of times your children ask you for a snack in a five minute period with a significant amount of whine in their voice. That method of torture should be used at Gitmo.

I won't admit to the public how many hours my children have spent playing video games and watching movies over the past few days, but just know it was necessary. We did make snow day brownies (MUCH yummier than regular brownies) so, you know, I get my Martha Steward points for the week.

We had to take the required "look how deep the snow is!" pictures. Look how deep the snow is!

boys in the snow
Yes, we taped their mittens to their sleeves to keep the snow out.

And being on the north side of the city we only got half as much snow as the folks on the south side!

snowy window

All I can say is I'm excited to be going back to the office tomorrow. Seriously.

But look! Pretty sunsets! And after 5 p.m.!


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