Thursday, October 6, 2011

The beauty of the unpublished post

It often happens that I see a trend or a writing prompt online and I think to myself, "Interesting! I should write about that..." Only when I start, I realize that what I'm writing is just a wee bit too personal for me to share online. Then I realize: I don't *have* to share it.

I'm then able to let my true feelings flow onto paper in unbelievably honest and real ways. I don't have to worry about snarky comments, hurting anyone's feelings or being misunderstood. I say what's in my heart and on my mind and don't worry about sounding either too sentimental or too bitchy. I don't often edit what I write...I just let it flow. Some posts are very long. Others are only a few lines. I don't worry about it following a particular style of writing, or finding just the right photo to accompany my words.

If you were to get a glimpse into the drafts folder of my email account or the unpublished posts on this blog you'd see dozens of them. Looking back on some of these "un-shared" thoughts, though, there are three that stand out, hands-down, as some of the most meaningful and well-said things I've ever written. These unpublished posts have helped me understand myself, and each time I re-read them I see the things that are blatantly important to me.

#1: "Say it out loud, write it down"
This post inspired me to open a new notepad document and write out what I really wanted of my life. I wrote for probably only 10 minutes, but when I was done I realized that nowhere on that list did I mention things that would make me happy...only relationships with people. I also realized that I already had most of those relationships.

#2: "Describe the best date you ever had" (prompt for Aug 22)
Sound goofy? I thought so, too. Only when I was done I re-read what I'd written and realized that what I thought was a great way of spending time with someone I care about probably wouldn't be seen as so stellar by someone else. Shows a lot about the type of person I am.

#3: "What are the five best decisions of your life?" (inspired by a tweet by Karen)
Like most lists, I wasn't sure I'd be able to come up with five. But when I was done scribbling this out on a few pieces of notebook paper, I was reminded that I'm exactly where I ought to be in my life.

Do you ever write posts and that you never intend to publish?