Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Card Photo FAIL. Kinda...not really.

I learned my lesson a few years ago. I dressed my boys in cute matchy sweaters and posed them in front of the fireplace, attempting to achieve The Perfect Christmas Card Photo.

Christmas card photo FAIL #1 
Clue: It went not so perfectly.

More than one hundred photos later and I was unbelievably frustrated and the boys both unbelievably crabby. And overheated.

Last year, burned a bit by the experience, I opted not to take a Christmas card photo at all, and instead used a cute pic of the boys taken at a family wedding.

xmas card photo 2010 
See? Uber cuteness

This year, I was feeling up to the chore again, only I was no longer delusional about the patience thresh holds of myself and my children. On a Saturday afternoon, I put my boys in matchy sweaters and asked them to sit on the floor in front of the couch.

"This time? We're going to do SILLY PICTURES!" I told them.

They were only too happy to oblige.

Xmas Photo Outtakes #2 
I love how Will went for "jazz hands with thumbs in his nose" for this one. Very clever.

Xmas Photo Outtakes #3 
Looks like Will just delivered some shocking and unbelievable news.
(When in reality they were making fart noises and laughing hysterically.)

Xmas Photo Outtakes #4 
SMELL MY HAND! Smell it!!!

Xmas Photo Outtakes #5 

Xmas Photo Outtakes #6 
Um. I don't even...whatever.

Xmas Photo Outtakes #7 
You just don't see enough belly button on Christmas cards these days!

Xmas Photo Outtakes #8 
I love that this is hands-down the best shot I've ever gotten of Will's face.
You know, if you can crop out or ignore the fact that he's kicking his brother in the head.

My intention with all the silly shots was to 1) get it out of their systems and B) get some real smiles out of them! In my opinion there's nothing worse than those canned kid smiles where they look half constipated.

Wouldn't you know it but I got some AMAZING shots of them in the midst of all this crazy silliness.

And nobody stressed out in the process. :)

Xmas Photo Outtakes #1
Believe it or not, there's real brotherly love there.

xmas card photo 2011
Miracles DO happen!

The official 2011 Xmas card photo

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!