Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I had all these things I wanted to write about tonight so I sat down on the couch, in my yoga pants and Old Navy t-shirt, with a stupid movie on in the background (more for company than for any real entertainment value), and began to wonder if the pictures I wanted to include with these posts I've been writing in my head are online yet or not and realized that I may have to upload them from my iPhone first but what's with my internet connection at home - its really slow tonight then realized that's probably because I'm writing this on my laptop while uploading photos to flickr from my phone and watching Thor on Netflix all at the same time and OH MY GOD CAT WHY MUST YOU SIT ON TOP OF MY KEYBOARD WHILE I TYPE?!?

Would you believe I was looking for the ecard about ADD that ends in "HEY MACARENA!" for the past 20 minutes and finally gave up and decided to use this one instead? You should.

A few weeks ago I did the Color Run...

 me before... (that's Miller Park stadium in the background)

and after...

Which really is the happiest 5K on the planet, even if you don't run it, probably especially if you don't and you instead walk along the route (which is approximately 3.1 miles for all you non-metrics out there) and laugh with your friends about all the completely crazy outfits you see on people along the way like the one on this guy, who we figured is either a die hard Where's Waldo groupie or who lost a bet. Maybe both.

Either way, that's far too much white man leg for my comfort.

At one point, despite my sunglasses, I got a shot of yellow powder to my right eye and was certain that I'd have to try and find a way to recreate those eyewash stations they have in high school Chemistry classrooms along the route somehow, possibly by fashioning something out of duct tape and a bottle of Aquafina or a can of Miller Lite, the latter of which I had better access to than the former. Instead I just blinked a lot until I teared it all out (that's a word, right? "teared"?) and then I hit the blue color station where I couldn't see five feet in front of my face with either eye and almost tripped over a grown woman who had stopped to roll in the extra color in the street. And she wasn't even anyone I know, though I did see my cousin Kari a few times and ran into Kat as well.

Needless to say I was cleaning orange out of my ears for awhile and had a green heel for about three days.

The morning of the Color Run, my nephew was born, and I took the kids to see him in the hospital the following day. You'd think I'd post a picture of him here, right? I mean, he's brand-squishy-new and unbelievably adorable, but I'm not really sure how my brother and his girlfriend would feel about me posting pictures of their infant son all over the internet while he's still so new. At one point during our visit, my five-year-old grabbed my phone and took a bunch of blurry pictures and one extreme close-up of the bottom of his brother's shoe, and then this one...which makes me look kind of angelic and peaceful and rather pretty with that natural light streaming in from the side like that and it may very well be one of my favorite pictures of myself of all time.

Me & my nephew
Trust me...he's a-freaking-dorable.

I got my baby fix and then happily handed him back to his parents, who were still, at that point, in that "I can't believe we have a REAL BABY oh my gosh isn't he beautiful," stage and not yet in the "OH MY GOD WE HAVE A REAL BABY WHO ONLY SLEEPS FOR TWO HOURS AT A CRACK AND CRIES LIKE A POSSESSED TERRORIST FROM 1 - 4 A.M. AND OH DEAR GOD WON'T YOU PLEASE JUST GO THE F*** TO SLEEP?!?" stage.

I tried to warn them.

And then lets see...what else have I been up to that should be summed up in a nice, neat, well-written post and not all jumbled together in this strange mash-up of Waldo adorers and more pictures of myself than I've probably ever included in one post ever? Um, the first day of school was yesterday!

Someone asked me if I cried after dropping my youngest off for his first day of Kindergarten, and when I realized I hadn't, I started to wonder if maybe there was something wrong with me. Instead I decided that I was most likely just more sane than the crying mothers and made myself feel better by remembering how I got all teary at something completely insignificant he did the other day that was really super cute and aw-inducing but for the life of me now I can't remember what he did but I know it was sweet and made me feel like I had succeeded as a mother.

Until I posted this to Facebook with a caption that read "First day of kindergarten and first grade!" only to shortly thereafter realize Nick was in first grade last year. #momfail
And holy geez-o-Pete I'm just tired after posting all of that. OH MY GOSH I HAVE WINE! How could I have forgotten? Here, look at some more pretty pictures...

we're still playing lots of baseball

Bald Baby is still kickin' - we had to clean his head with a 
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser the other day, but he's still Will's favorite!

OH! now I remember what was so cute it made me teary - 
Will rushing to his new cousin's side, offering Bald Baby for comfort at his slightest cry :)



Tara R. said...

I get to participate in a Color Run in a few weeks, and am so excited. I hope I have as much fun as you did.

Jen (Huckdoll) said...

Before I read about that photo of you and the new baby I was thinking, "Aww, what a beautiful photo to make up for that awful white beefy leg — Colleen is soooo gorgeous!" and low and behold your son took it. He's got a natural talent!

Michelle said...

Yeah yeah yeah cute and all that. ;) But ummm Color Run? I must know more. It sounds... entertaining? Do share!