Wednesday, October 23, 2013


That seems to be the theme of our lives lately.

I think anyone with school-aged children can relate. There are lunches to make, homework to review, twenty minutes of reading that was supposed to be done the night before to squeeze in during the car ride to school.

There's Cub Scouts and flag football and delivering the fundraiser popcorn they sold. There's a new baby in the family we should go see, and I'd love to get a family portrait taken one of these days, and somehow in the midst of it all I haven't vacuumed my living room since Saturday.

Simply put, often I feel like a chauffeur, shuttling my kids from hair cuts to the Taco Bell drive through with seventeen minutes to spare before the older boys' den meeting. (By the way, shouting, "CAR PICNIC!" only makes eating in the car seem novel the first five or so times.)

So this morning I totally cheated. I hit snooze when the alarm went off, then ten minutes later, still in my PJs, went to the boys' room and crawled into the bottom bunk with Will. Nick climbed down a few minutes later and before I knew it even the cat was on top of me, fighting for prime Mommy real estate. We giggled and snuggled and woke up right.

"Get dressed," I said, when finally untangling myself from the knot of gangly limbs that had wrapped around me. "We're going to Starbucks for breakfast!" Instead of being met with groans and, "But I don't wanna..." I got a "YAY! Best Mom EVER."

Yeah, I spent 12 ungodly dollars on a few donuts and drinks, but that time with them? With no whining or fighting or rushing?

Was worth it.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well played.
It's true--these school years are much busier than the toddler years.