Thursday, October 9, 2008

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about me, but didn't care enough to ask.

Last week, I asked you to ask me questions. Anything you ever wanted to know - and ask you did!

If you could be stranded alone on a desert island with a celebrity, who would it be?
~ Melinda, Life, Love & Lessons at the Shore's End

Geez - I'm not big on celebrities. It would have to be someone funny or who could hold a decent conversation - maybe Vince Vaughn or Dennis Leary. Or Tina Fey.

What is your favorite song and WHY??
~ Miss, Just Miss

I ♥ music. Don't know I could pick just one. But I just got home from a work-out, so my work-out songs are fresh in my mind. Hypnotize, Hot in Here, Figured You Out and Lit Up are on that list. I also have a lot of songs that are dear to my heart because of where I was or what I was doing in my life when they were popular. Under the Bridge was really popular the year I met my hubby (yep, we were 14). Love is on the Way makes me think of high school dances and The Freshman came out my freshman year of college. I could go on and on, but I won't. I include a lot of song references in my posts.

If I came in to town where would we go for dinner?
~ Mishelle Lane, Secret Agent Mama

Huh. I loves me a good restaurant! I'd let you pick - either a cozy little whole-in-the-wall Italian place like Caterina's where there's GREAT food and good wine, or Saz's, a true Milwaukee experience, for pulled pork sandwiches, sour cream & chive fries and a Miller Lite. After all, Miller HQ is just a block or so away. (And Harley HQ is a block or so the other way, but there's nothing to eat there.)

Who is your favorite Van Halen front man, and why?
~ Jenni, Jiggity Jigg

Dude. They're both big freakin' spazzes. I can't listen to a Van Halen song these days without rolling my eyes. Sammy Hagar looks like a freakin' Muppet.

Why did you start blogging? Did you have a object of importance when you were little (lovey, binky) and do your kids have one now?
~ Jen, Our Daily Big Top

I had a private blog before this one I used to share pictures and status updates about my pregnancy, kids and my Mom's cancer treatment. When I found this bloggy world, I was sucked in fast, and realized I could take the random crap I emailed to friends and make blog post fodder out of it.

I don't recall having a lovey when I was little, but I did have a grey stuffed dog my Aunt bought me when she was in college that floated around forever. That thing was so mangy and had no eyes! Wonder what happened to him... I also had this faux-quilt comforter that was on my bed for years. It was all worn in just the right ways and I remember thinking I was going to take it to college with me. Then my Mom gave it to a cousin of mine and I cried.

My kids don't really have lovies either. Nick had a stuffed cow he once loved quite a bit, but he got barfed on once and well, went to the little stuffed cow farm in the sky. Will's currently attached to 'bald baby'. But bald baby isn't allowed to wear any clothes. Huh...wonder where THAT idea came from...

I'm combining a few questions that are similar:

How about how [do] you feel about life with three boys under your roof?
~ Marni, Marni's Organized Mess

Do you feel like your family is whole or do you wish for a girl? Did you see yourself
with all sons? Is it a blessing or do you feel like you're going to miss out on something?
~ Melissa, Green Girl in Wisconsin

Eh - whatever. It's what I grew up knowing. I have three brothers and no sisters, so its what I'm used to. For a while there I didn't think I'd want a daughter, because I have a strange relationship with my own Mom and because I didn't think I'd have patience to do hair and bows and tights and princesses. But now when I think about it, my daughter would probably be a lot like me. She'd ride bikes and play trucks in the dirt, and when she got older, she'd want to be pretty, but would be low maintenance. A daughter might be nice, but I wouldn't feel "incomplete" without one.

If you had the chance to visit any where in the world with your family...where would you go and why?
~ Mama Smurf, My Life

We'd go to Italy - lots of history there, and beautiful architecture. Not to mention great food!

What is the best book you ever read?
~ Sarah, Sarah and the Goon Squad

I'm a HUGE reader! I loved Memoirs of a Geisha and My Sister's Keeper and The Pilot's Wife.

I want to know how you did that nice navigation bar? I want one. Also, why am I so technologically inept? And why can't I find the widget to put the "technorati favorite" on my blog? ~ Debbie, Suburban Sanity

You see, Debbie, I am a tech geek. So if I lose ya here, sorry.

Blogger's blogs are based in XML. The beauty of XML is that you can basically make up your own code. So in my template, I added a new style, gave that style properties, defining how tall the section should be and where it should go on the page. Then, I wrote out HTML code to make the pretty buttons link to my posts and stuck it inside my new XML container. Easy peasy. ;-)

You can find a number of technorati widgets here.

And your brain is just probably filled with more important things than Technorati-Plurk-Twitter-AllTop-fodder. ;-)

Do you have any weird habits?
~ Tracey, Cheese and Whine

Don't know how weird they really are, but I pick things up with my toes a lot, and pick at my fingernails quite a bit. But a lot of people do that. I'll let my hubby respond in the comments!

Would you rather...walk on fire or...dead bodies?
~ Ashley, Boss Sanders

Dead bodies. Guts wash off. Burn scars are forever.

How did you meet your hubby...and did you know he was the one at the time?
~ Colleen, Wine Please

I met my hubby through a friend, at the park...when we were 14. It was the first day of summer vacation after eighth grade. Obviously, I was just a dumb kid. I didn't really know he was "the one" till many years later, but he was the only guy I ever really was hooked on. He's the only guy who ever broke my heart. You can read my whole "how I met my woobie" story here. You know, now that I've looked through my archives, I don't think I ever told the story of how he went from being some jerky dumb kid to a really nice one who really liked me, then how we stayed friends till my freshman year of college and started dating again. But our official "dativersary"? Is comin' up - twelve years on November 1st. No lie. I'll have to tell that story in a Flashback Friday post soon.

Did you miss your chance to ask me a question? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I'd be happy to answer it! (OK, most likely I'd be happy to answer it. If its lame or pervy, you're out.)


Jenni Jiggety said...

They ARE both pretty spazzy!

I do love me so JUMP, though...

Jenni Jiggety said...

some JUMP!

no so JUMP!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

High school sweethearts--that is so cool. And yes, Sammy Hagar DOES look like a Muppet. You nailed it.

Miss said...

I am the same way about music. It's very hard for me to choose just one song!

Blessings From Above said...

I am always picking up odd things with my feet, easier to do since I usually have a baby in my arms. However, this habit totally grosses out my husband!

Anonymous said...

I would love to do something like this but I'm afraid the few that read me would ask things like "Are you really such a dork in real life?" or "Are you ever worried that your family might ban you from any and all future family function b/c of what you write?" I like your questions better.
I pick up stuff with my feet, too, usually because my arms are full with either laundry or a 3 year old. It's not weird... it's "multitasking".;)

Mishelle Lane said...

1) Day one we go to the Italian joint.
2) Day two we go to the BBQ place.
3) Day three we go get our mani/pedi done.. LOL

Great seeing you do the 365, Colleen!

Kim said...

You answered these like a rock star..LOVED your answers on Van Halen.. A Muppet..and walking on bodies..LOL.. great to get to know you like this!!!

Jogging In Circles..

Kameron said...

I found your blog by way of Wordless Wednesday and I feel like I want to just sit and stay a while now. :o)Oh and I love Jodi Picoult and Anita shreve too!