Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weird Crap

I used to be the promo buyer for our firm and am still sent TONS of catalogs. (You know, in addition to the ones I get just cuz I like to look through catalogs.) In them, I often find weird products and feel the need to share them with co-workers. Given that I said everything that needed to be said in last night's post, I am replacing today's regularly scheduled post with my first installment of "Weird Crap". Today's entry found in the Gifts of Spring catalog from LTD Commodities.

Yes, for the woman that truly has everything, it's Decorative Bra Straps. And they're only $4.95/set!


morninglight mama said...

That is too bizarre... do people truly have extra cash just lying around and they think, "Hmmm... what other things on my body can I make fancier... oooohh, my bra straps..." A totally untapped market, huh?

Melisa said...

Those LTD Commodities books are hilarious to me. My mother-in-law actually does lots of her holiday shopping in there. Maybe I'll get some bra straps for Hanukkah this year! Whoopie! :)