Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Darnedest things my butt...

You would never believe what my little hellion said to me yesterday. I just about flipped a lid.

We had our first Tiny Tot fun & fitness class (a 45 minute play group with organized songs, games, stretching, and some play equipment like Gymboree) and afterward we ran through the grocery store for a few things.

Well, it was getting late, probably about 8:15, and he was getting tired and sassy and I told him he could still get a time out in a grocery store. Then, with the biggest scowl on his face, he looked right at me and said, "Mama, shut your a$$."


I said, "Excuse me?!?" clearly showing by the look on my face that what he said was NOT OK.

"I say shut your a$$."

Oh. My. God. If not for the other women in the frozen food isle shooting me daggers with their eyes at how terrible of a parent I was to have a three-year-old say such things I probably would have slapped him in the mouth. Instead I told him I was taking away his video games. Lots of tears. I told him those were sassy words and that he was not to talk like that any more.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I sympathise with you! My 5 year old called me a "little f*ck*r this morning! It wasn't in the grocery store though, but I was so shocked - and he knew it and said "sorry Mammy - is that a nasty word?"
He's at that age where he'spicking things up from older kids and doesn't know what it means. I think he got the message though that Mammy wasn't best pleased.

What do we do with them?

Melisa said...

LOL! That was bound to happen at least once, and now that it has, you can breathe easier. Sounds like you handled it well.

You'll be telling that story to his children some day...