Monday, April 7, 2008


Spring has finally arrived in Wisconsin!

Temps were near sixty all weekend long and it was sunny. We grilled out on Saturday, amidst the ladders and scaffolding and workmen in our yard. They worked all weekend to make up for starting the job late due to weather, and given that its supposed to rain nearly all week this week, that was a good thing!

I also got a good dose of mental therapy this weekend. My Mom's sister was in town. She and I have always gotten along very well and when she's around we do the normal girl chit chat ("Oh, and for the wedding I thought I'd wear...") plus we usually find a way to have a good gripe session. Usually the topic of that session is my mother, but I think we're the only people in the entire world who truly knows how the other feels on that topic. And trust me, its needed from time to time.

The hubster worked out in the yard, clearing brush and leaves that have been buried in snow since the fall and did a little work on one of our vehicles. That gave Nick a great opportunity to open up the ol' sandbox and ride his little bike around the yard. I thought it was awesome to see he's finally at the age where he's a typical boy. You know - "Mom! I made this for you!" (mud pie with leaves stuck in it -- "Honey, that's beautiful!") and when he came in for lunch the knees of his pants were positively caked in mud.

I did a little shopping (with the Aunt and the Mom) and did some laundry and other stuff around the house. It was nice. It was refreshing!

So, back to the grind. Happy Monday!


We are THAT Family said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. It was almost 80 here and glorious!

Suzie said...

Sounds relaxing