Thursday, May 1, 2008

C is for Cookie...

It seems bad news has been raining down on me all week. The boy is OK, thanks for asking, but now its my Grandma. We're in a "wait and see" type pattern. So we wait. And we'll see.

So what I could use more than anything right now is a fun little mindless game to play such as the one assigned by the forces that be at Thursday Thirteen. Here are thirteen things about me that start with the letter "C".

1) Creative - proven by my two years spent as an art major, along with the stories I tell my kids daily as to why they need to do things like brush their teeth or pick up their toys.

2) Cute - or so I've been told.

3) Clean - both as in cleanliness and as a nickname (don't ask me - I guess its a version of C'leen)

4) Capacious - I'll tell you so you don't have to look it up - it means "able to contain much". I know vast amounts of random trivia. Yep, it resides right in the ol' noggin.

5) Clever - at least I'd like to think so!

6) Clumsy - I am the biggest

7) Clutz - that I know. So much so I need two words here to show you how much.

8) Crazy - its sort of a pre-requisite for this family.

9) I have cat eyes - they're green.

10) Curious - I always need to know how something works or how.

11) Cautious - overly so when it comes to money or my kids.

12) Colorful - boy, you should hear me on a bad day!

13) Can't think of any more!


Elaina said...

I love the last one. Great T 13

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i hope your grandma is doing better! *elizabeth

Picturing of Life said...

Great C alphabeth theme.... creative post

Will you visit mine Thanks

Nicholas said...

Fun list!

Anonymous said...

What a great list...

I love the word colorful...That is how I would describe my daughter. However, in an eccentric way...LOL

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Cute and creative! Hey! those both start with C!

Suzie said...

Boy I wish I could say C for clean. Not in my house. Not these days.

Rebecca said...

Number 13 is my favorite. :) Sounds like something I'd write.

Denise Patrick said...

Great list. I'm a bit of a clutz, too. I have nightmares about stumbling as the most inopportune moments!

Happy TT!

TLC said...

Those are good C words. I like to think I am creative, too. (aren't we all, or we wouldn't be doing this)

My TT is up, too. Come see!

THopgood said...

Fun post! Hope Grandma's better!