Monday, April 21, 2008

The one where I include a video of the racing sausages...*

I'm feeling a little "unwordy" today. We had a great weekend with some great weather and the boys did a lot of playing outside. I thought the perfect post would be the picture of the two of them in their "monster truck" as Nick calls it - their Power Wheels F150. It was the funniest thing ever - the 3-yr-old driving, the 1-yr-old bouncing around, both giggling and swaying back and forth over the uneven ground in my in-laws' yard.

But it turns out the camera is not in my purse as I had thought, so no picture to go with this post today. The exciting part of my day, however, will be when I get to have lunch with the Racing Sausages. I wouldn't kid you. I hope to have pictures to post later.

As tribute to my anticipated lunch, I offer you the following video, of "Sausage-gate":

*50 points to the first person to correctly guess the source of inspiration for the name of my post. This one should be easy!


Suzie said...

I hate not getting the photo

morninglight mama said...

This comment is the one that says, Hell-Yeah, I loved me some Friends!! :)

Colleen said...


50 points to Dawn!