Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday 13 - songs we sing in the car

1) The Wheels on the Bus
Except on our bus, there are usually dogs and chickens and babies crying and mommies shhhing...its quite the menagerie.

2) If You Want to Be a Grump
Sometimes this one makes Nick cry, 'I'M NOT A GRUMP!!!"

3) Hot Blooded, Foreigner
This was on the radio one day and Nick started to sing along with it. Then he asked, "Is THIS hot blooded?" when each of the next 10 songs started playing. Now its apparently a favorite.

4) Where is Thumbkin?
Makes Will stop crying every time. Grrr...

6) The ABCs
Nick could sing the alphabet song before he was two. I think he's sung it 52 times a day since then.

7) I Love Rock n Roll, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Think about it - how many times do they say, "I love rock n roll" in this song? A kid hears it once and he knows it!

8) The Mail Song from Blues Clues
There's always a big production of shouting "MAIL!!!" and waving our hands in the air (yes, while I'm DRIVING).

11) I Know a Weenie Man
Except we don't sing that end part about mustard and a bun. This ones from back in my Girl Scout Days.

12) Old MacDonald Had a Farm
You guessed it - another menagerie. Our farm usually has monsters and fish on it, too. You tell me, how does a fish go? Its a matter of constant debate in our car.

13) The theme from Elmo's World
This one irritates me so much it makes me want to scream. Sometimes I do.


Sassy Mama Bear said...

That is quite the mixture of songs you sing :)
Love it.
I had fun visiting your TT.
Mine is at The Cafe.
Hope you'll drop by.

Kitchen Scrapbook said...

Oh yeah! I can relate to this! Great list of songs. My oldest dau could sing the ABC song by about 2 1/2 and she'd sing it all the time too. And one day, I realized that it's the same tune as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Happy TT! :)

Adelle said...

I remember those days. I have to admit, I don't miss them LOL Happy T13!

amy said...

I so cant wait to sing these in the car one day!

morninglight mama said...

Sesame Street is my daily indulgence for the toddler, and I tell you, once that damn Elmo song gets in my head, it's there for days. We had friends over for a BBQ the other night, and as I'm assembling the food on the kitchen counter, I realized that I was softly singing Elmo's World. Sad. Just sad.

Suzie said...

That a great song list we sing a lot of them too

Momma Mary said...

Fun Songs.. All except the Elmo's world song.. The only one that's worse is the one he sings at the end.. You know it. to the tune of "jingle bells." I know the feeling..

I'm going to have to start breaking out the 80s music for my kid now.. I didn't even think of I love RockNRoll!

Kat said...

We had a Honda once and used to sing "Honda Honda goes faster faster". They were talking about a motorcycle but the kids didn't care! Mine is up at

Jenny said...

What a fun list! And thanks for the links, I'm not always great about remembering lyrics. Our old macdonald often has monsters and such too!

Happy TT!

We are THAT Family said...

That's awesome. You reminded me of some that I'd forgotten.

THopgood said...

That's a fun list! I miss those days, no we've moved on to songs like....

"MOMMY, he's touching me!"

and "MOMMY, he won't let me SIIIINNNNGGGG!"

and "MOMMY, are we there yet!"


Thanks for the "notebook on the nightstand" tip...I'll have to try that.

Meritt said...

Funny! Although I'm thankfully out of that stage now, I admit my first thoughts while reading were of all the songs we USED to have to sing and/or listen to when my three were a little younger.

Now? They have ipods. I listen to what I want! HA!

Denise Patrick said...

Interesting mix of songs. But, I'm surprised often by what kids pick up from the radio.

Happy TT!

onangelwings said... it. We sing the Blue's Clue's song in our car too.

My 2 year old is constantly asking, you want to sing with me?

Have a great TT

Di said...

It's so cool now that my kids have Rock Band and they can sing along with 80's rock. I must say that I don't miss those bus wheels.

Melisa said...

I LOVE the "Mail song" from Blue's Clues!

I think it's the only song from when my kids were little that I didn't want to block out of my memory entirely. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I was just singing it to my 13 year old and...he smiled.