Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're raising a little teetotaler here!

I don't write enough about how smart my 3-yr-old is. He amazes me AND makes me laugh - MANY times a day.

Yesterday was the Brewers opening home game and apparently, my youngest brother had tickets.

I called home around 1:30 and was talking to the Hubster when all of a sudden all I could hear was Nick in the background yelling about something.

"What the heck is he freaking out about?" I couldn't hear what they were saying; Jay had his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone. He comes back.

"I don't know but he says he wants to talk to you. Here." Hands the phone to Nick.


Me: "What? Uncle Mark?"

Nick: "Yeah Uncle Markersopateratpuoipdksf;jalkejrls...." Trails off into one of those three-year-old rambling bouts where they're insistant that you understand what they're saying but they're not really speaking English. And yes, there was a semi-colon in there.

Jay takes the phone back. "Your brother was on TV at the game. They came back after commercial and showed him at the concession stand, probably buying a beer." He hit record on the DVR player in case Mark or I wanted to see it.

Fast-forward to later in the afternoon. Jay goes to work and I'm driving home with the boys and I ask Nick about his day like I always do.

"So, what did you and Daddy do today?"

"We not play race 'em shake 'em, Mama. Daddy said we play that and we not play that today."

"Oh, that's a bummer. What did you do?"


"Really? You just stared at the wall all day long."

"Mmm hmmm. And Uncle Mark was on TV. He was getting beer. Uncle Mark likes beer. Daddy likes beer. I not like beer. Beer's not good, its sassy. Beer blahblahblah alcohol and alcohol's sassy. Alcohol's bad like poopy diapers." (He really does talk live a caveman like this when he's excited.)

"Oh really?"

"Uh huh."

"Where did you learn that from? Did Daddy tell you about beer and alcohol?"

"No, I did. I told me." Riiiight.


THopgood said...

What a cutie! Love it!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Smart kid and very cute, must get his wisdom from mom?

Anonymous said...

Awwww, he's so cute, especially putting a semi colon in there too!