Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy crap!

I'm not a purse gal. I don't own 40 that go with different shoes. I don't switch from one purse to another based on my mood or outfit choice. I just have one that holds all the crap that has no other home, as evidenced by the photo below. I figured I might throw out my back if I didn't take time to empty it of all its useless treasure before our trip. Lookie what I found:

1) My iPod. Better charge that baby up before we leave!

2) Two travel-size bottles of Purell. Good to have with little kids. Gotta put that back in there.

3) A half-eaten sucker, remnants of a bribe offered during a grocery shopping trip. (The bribe had to be revoked when the baby found he could stick the whole thing in his mouth, stick and all. Safety sucker my behind!)

4) Half a pack of Trident gum. (Its fruity and makes my purse smell good - bonus!)

5) Some of those store coupons they give you with your receipt at the grocery store for crap you will never buy.

6) Napkins - never know when you might need one!

7) Maybelline Pure Stay powder - I actually use that pretty regularly to get rid of "shine".

8) The receipt for the donuts I bought for Jay's party along with the "Congratulations" sign they gave me to put on top of them. Guess they didn't quite "get" what I was asking for.

9) Three high-lighters. They hand one out with the course books at each class at UW-M's school of continuing education. No one ever uses them.

10) Receipts- receipts - receipts! I keep thinking I'll need them for something, but my guess is you can't return gasoline.

11) Check stub from my last expense check.

12) Lip gunk - in this picture alone I see six different kinds. Do I really need all six with me ALL THE TIME?

13) Last and certainly not least, under all that crud is one of the laminated book marks I made and we handed out at my Grandmother's funeral. *sniff sniff*

Now, if I could only find the stuff I really need!

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THopgood said...

Will you come clean mine out for me. I did one of these posts not too long ago and my purse is already back to the nastiness it was before I cleaned it!

Laura said...

Dang...looks like you came and cleaned out MY purse! Right down to the exact brands of "lip gunk"!!

GREAT LIST!! Happy T-13!

maggie said...

I'm the same way about one purse that I ever actually use. It's pretty small because otherwise I accumulate stuff, too... That was a fun TT!

Marni Tiani Self said...

What a great post! I LOVE it!

TLC said...

Wow! That looks like my purse contents! Receipts and all. I keep my iPod in a smaller zipper pouch in an outside pocket, though.

My T13 is up, too. Come visit if you get a chance