Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our Anniversary, Jay's Surprise Graduation Party & Weekly Winners

For you visitors looking for my Weekly Winners, I promise you, they're in here somewhere.

Yesterday, May 17th was our five year anniversary and I had a little trick up my sleeve.

You see, my hubby has been working on an Associate's Degree for the past four years. He's worked his butt off for it, too. We both work full time and work different shifts so that one of us is always home with our boys. He's a great father - taking our boys, who are still very young, out to do all sorts of fun things that lots of other Daddies don't take the time to do. He's a great hubby, too - despite our hectic schedules he somehow finds a way to make time for me, too. Oh, and did I mention he's graduating with honors? Yeah...he is. Dean's list the past three semesters and all that. Oh, and he took extra classes - his Associate's is in Criminal Justice (he wants to be a cop) and he attended the police academy at the school to make himself more desirable as an employee (essentially this way the place that hires him won't have to pay him to go through the same training).

He has one last test to take online before midnight tonight (YAY!) and then he officially walks the stage next Thursday. But as I've mentioned before, we're quite the busy family these days. I wasn't sure we'd have time to fit in a party for him, despite how much he truly deserved it.

So I decided that a fifth anniversary wasn't as much of a big deal as his accomplishment, and proceeded to plan a surprise graduation party for the hubster on the one day we had available for a party - our anniversary.

Graduation sign
I ♥ Photoshop

I figured the anniversary was the perfect guise - I could easily lure him to the restaurant thinking we were just going out to dinner. Guess what? It worked.

Our 5th Anniversary
About 40 of our good friends and family were there to yell "surprise" as Jay and I walked through the door.
Pic of the party crowd

Commanding her troops

Instead of a cake, I ordered a sheet-cake sized box filled with of rows of donuts. (Get it? Cops? Donuts?)
Stealin' another donut
Nick stealin' another donut "with 'prinkles"

Enjoying her donut

On the invitation I asked people to bring a gag gift - something inexpensive but that poked fun at being a cop. He got lots of really funny things.

Respect my authoritay!

"I hear pigs LOVE corn!"

Opening a naughty toy

This one was X-rated. I'll just tell you it was called "the hole patrol".
He got a few nice gifts, too, including this watch from me and the boys.
A nice gift
So the party was a blast and today we're eating donuts and recovering. I think I could sleep for a week!


Jenty said...

LOL, looks like it was a lot of fun. Congrats on your anniversary, and on your husband's achievements!

Anonymous said...

Colleen: That is so awesome. I understand your sacrifices, too, in that my husband and I work different shifts so that we can be home with the kids. Also, I come from a family of cops and SO get the humor. Congratulations on the husband's graduation and your anniversary.. He looks really happy in the pictures :)

maggie said...

Awesome shots, but even more awesome is what a special thing you planned for your man. Seriously, that's really sweet, and he's a lucky guy. Very, very cool.

Rebecca said...

How wonderful! Congrats to you both... for everything. :)

tiggy said...

Looks like it was a great night.
What a special person you are for doing all that for your guy.
Loved the look on his face in the x rated one.

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary to you both and best of luck to your husband on his new career!!!!

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

The donuts seemed very appropriate and it looks like they were a great hit! Thanks for sharing photos from the party with us.

Hope you have a great week!!

THopgood said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy graduation to the hubby! What a fantastic relief that must be for him to be DONE!

Rose said...

Looks like it was quite the bash!
Congrats to your hubby!

Happy2bme said...

Congrats to you and the hubby!