Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My house is starting to look like home again.

How is it that you go away for a week leaving the house clean (for the most part - cuz who wants to come home to a mess?) but come home to find a cyclone has made a pigstye out of the rooms that are normally orderly? Despite what this and this and this have shown you, most of the "lived in" rooms in our house are normally pretty clean.

After coming home Saturday night, I slacked on Sunday so it was only fair that I get down to the nitty gritty last night. All of our bags and their contents are now off the kitchen floor - toiletries, clothes not worn and the toys and books from the long car ride are back in their rightful homes.

Dishes have been done, the living room vaccuumed, dusted and made to look like a living room again. Boys' room straightened, vaccuumed and toys put away so as to look like children sleep and play there, not mutant goat people. A dent has been made in the laundry as well. (That never seems to end so who am I to try and "buck the system" by getting it all done?)

Today's goals include sorting through all the wedding *and* vacation photos and uploading them to flickr so that I can write a post about each. With enough coffee, anything is possible!

NOTE: I am using our "photos of ginormous roadside attractions" for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow, so come back for those!


Suzie said...

I hate coming back aftre a vacation it seems to take weeks to get back into the swing of things

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I'm so glad it was a good vacation. Time well spent. Money well spent. I bet your husband enjoyed the time off after all the school related stuff he's been going through.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I'm anxious to see your pictures!