Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love...*

Preface: I had every intention of including photos with this post, but can't seem to find my camera case with the USB cable in it. You know what they say about the road to hell, right? Well, seems I'm on it lately. Oh, and have you entered my giveaway yet? Wait!...read this first...

It was an interesting weekend, mostly because we so rarely spend weekends at home and have no plans. Usually, when Jay is off, we go go go.

We both had grand intentions on Saturday. He started cleaning out the garage early in the day, and while it ree-hee-heely needed to be done, I had stuff on my agenda, too. So around 3:00 I decided that I could keep both kids entertained outside while I cleaned out my truck.

Except that I don't clean out the inside of my truck often. There were enough goldfish crackers to feed a starving village and about 15 stray socks. (My kids tend to take their shoes AND socks off while I'm driving. I know they've done so when I hear them both giggling - but at least its something they do together, right?)

It took much longer than expected, and while Nick went over the play at the neighbor boy's house, I was constantly shuffling Will from inside my truck, to the sandbox, to the little wading pool and back again. Le sigh.

Sunday, as I've said, we had a sick boy, and um, his illness required the cleaning of one couch. All the plans we had for yardwork went out the window, but while Hubs had the vacuum & carpet cleaner out, he tipped the couch over and cleaned.under.the.couch.as.well. (Did I mention he's mine and you can't have him?)

Then...just as the edges of my vision was getting fuzzy and whoo! I started to feel all light-headed...he washed.the.kitchen.floor.too. I KNOW! Don't pass out. No, you can't have his autograph. Or his dirty boxer briefs. Them babies are mine. (Lucky gal, I know - and when he burps "I love you"...*swoon*.)

I must admit defeat in the war of housekeeping, but I did fold a mean load of towels.

OK, go enter my giveaway now. Yer gonna like it.

*This one's easy. 10 bonus points and one gold star if you now have that song stuck in your head.


morninglight mama said...

Love it!!!

THopgood said...

I don't want to keep him (one's enough thank you very much)...but can I BORROW him? To....say....wash the dog a** smell out of my great room carpet??

wfbdoglover said...

Hey Hey - (waving like crazying and jumping up and down for attention) Did you realize you won MY give away??

I emailed you and check out my blog.



nessatxmom said...

Wow! You sure are a lucky gal! I don't blame you for not sharing! I would've fainted dead away if my dh had cleaned anything inside the house.

Brenda said...

So weird...my kids always take their shoes off in the car too and I always have a collection of shoes in there. "Hey mom, where are my crocs?" "I don't know, did you check the car???" Yep, that's my life!

Anonymous said...

"This one goes out to the one I've left behind." I love REM -- it is REM, right?

Can I borrow him too? You are very lucky!! Mine would just burp, scratch his head and wonder how on earth the floor gets magically cleaned! LOL

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

I'm totally swooning. Though my husband did the dishes AND cleaned up the floor 2 weeks ago. Nice, right?

Kim H. said...

Oh my word - I had my carpet cleaner out just yesterday! My little punk - I mean, dear son, spilled pizza garlic dipping sauce on my microsuede chair in the family room. Can't get the stain out - can't get the smell out. Good times. Good times.

Although, I'd take garlic sauce on a chair over puke in my bed! That's quite possibly the worst way to be awakened. I feel for ya girl!

CityStreams said...

Wow! He sounds like a keeper. My Hubs does all the laundry and he's been doing this for almost our entire marriage. But the rest of the domestic duties ... we usually play chicken and see who can tolerate the smells the longest. Loser has to do the dishes. Haha!

P.S. He loves you... said...

Now why is it some men get it and others don't?!

Does he give lessons?! Would pay handsomly lol!

By the way are my chances up'd if I read every post and comment till you draw the Bloggy giveaway? LOL! :0p

Ellie Bags said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend! Just found your blog and love it!