Monday, October 6, 2008

MMCC #4: The TMI Edition

Today's random song of Colleen's iPod

Hope that got you groovin'!

What I've been doin'
Pooping. TMI? Sorry. That "stomach thing" Nick had last week? Well, he was pukin' one day, the had diarrhea the next, and like everything else, I decided to multitask and do both at once! Yay me! And it happened at the absolute worst time. (Does it ever happen at a GOOD time?) Jay stood up in a wedding on Saturday, and after juggling two kids by myself through the service (which was especially hard because they could see Daddy but couldn't go to Daddy), then finding something to keep them busy before the reception started, then juggling them further when we realized that dinner was not going to start at 6 p.m. as announced, I suddenly felt I was being turned inside out.

We had plans with friends to hit a pumpkin farm yesterday, and like the trooper I am, headed out in the rain to pick pumpkins. I figured everyone would probably get pneumonia from the cold rain anyway, which would totally trump the typhoid or whatever it is that I have. It was pretty miserable, but the boys had a great time, tramping through the mud and couldn't care less that they were completely soaking wet. I manned the wagon, waaaay off to the side, where no one was likely to breathe my air.

How folks have found me via searches this past week:
snack before bed
crazy roadside attractions
sister sucks brother (which is disturbing because we don't have any sisters here)
calgon take me away
best songs to sing in the car

Because folks have found me via that one lame post from April AGAIN, I present to you:

Songs we sang in the car this week
Wheels on the Bus, 147 times. By the way - if cheese is on your bus, it apparently just says "hello".

Moments for Me
Absolutely zero. Well, I take that back. I took the day off from work on Thursday so Jay could work on finishing the windows he's replacing on our three season porch. (*Ahem* Still not done.) Nick has preschool at the Y on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I packed up stuff so I could work out, like Jay normally does, and dropped a screaming Will at the day care place. I got 20 minutes in on a stairclimber and a few reps of curls in, when a poor stunned day care worker walked in, carrying a foul-smelling child in her arms. Uh, that would be MINE. Cuz I forgot to pack a separate bag with diapers and wipes. CRAP. End of workout. Good thing I always have extras out in the car!

That makes Universe = 5, Colleen = 0.

On another note
Who's going to the Blissfully Domestic event next weekend in Nashville?!?

Mommy screwed up AGAIN. (Seems like I can do everything to about 80% these days - its that other 20% that I don't get to that'll kill me.) My boss has been asking me to take a SQL Reporting class for months and it finally works out that there's one offered next week. Normally I don't work on Fridays, so I've got arrangements to drive down to Nashville with Kat for Blissdom '08 next Friday.

As someone who regularly fails at domesticity (see this post and this post and oh, just about every one I ever write) but strives to be better, I was really looking forward to going. Not to mention getting to meet some great bloggers. Only that class? Is on Thursday and Friday of next week. ACK!

There is the possibility that I could get the training center to move that class to Wednesday/Thursday, but that might be pushing it. Plus its in Chicago, so even if I drove back and forth each day, that would mean I'd be away from home five days straight, which might just put me over the edge right now.

It majorly sucks that I finally try and do something for myself and it doesn't end up working out. I need your help, bloggie-land. What should I do?!?


Heather said...

You know that giveaway I ran a few weeks ago which asked people to comment with the last song they heard? Someone posted that they had just listed to the "Dibo the Gift Dragon" theme song from Playhouse Disney. You would not believe how many people are Googling that song and finding me.

And now that I've logged the song in YOUR comments, you'll probably be getting hits, too.

Sorry to hear you're sick. That sucks. I'm just waiting for my turn because I know some sort of typhoid is just around the corner. It's that time of year.

Colleen said...

Come to BlogHer-DC with me on the 13th!!!!

Oh, you wanted practical advice? might be waiting here awhile.

IRISHKAT said...

I will selfishly say move it forward and come with me but will support you either way. What time would it end? You know, I work in IL... we could try and work something out - like pull a crazy all-nighter looped on coffee and nicotine - sounds like a crazy punk song hey??

Anonymous said...

please keep your lurgy over there! We already have the Brit version going on here judging by the smell of the bunker tonight.

Hope you're feeling better now.

Spice said...

Hope you're feeling better!!!! That stomach thing sucks, especially when you've got both at once!!! We were out in the pouring rain yesterday too but watching a soccer game. I had forgotten our big umbrella even though I knew it was going to rain - oops!

Kim said...

I can't.. you killed me with if Cheese is on your bus it says hello..