Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekly Winners - December 14 - 20, 2008

So today began eventfully. Woke up to hear the furnace trying to start...with emphasis on trying. Jay went down to see if he could fix the problem, and returned upstairs, cold, with a "bad motor" diagnosis. (Its currently -1°F here in Milwaukee. -22°F if you take into account the wind chill.)

A few hours later, a new motor was procured and installed by my loving hubby who froze his tukus off for the sake of his family. I will note, however, that I wasn't just sitting upstairs eating bon bons. Nooooo. See, I have a one year old with a cold that makes him sound like an old man who's smoked for 40 years, and a four year old who decided that neither he nor old smoker man baby needed to nap. Yay me.

Oh, and there was 90 minutes we didn't have power in that equation somewhere. Cuz, see, Hubs had to cut the power in order to install the new motor. Candy Land is fun.

But I am very thankful that it only cost us $85 and a few hours to fix the furnace and that my house is warm again. Its just a major bummer that I didn't get to see much of Hubby before he had to head off to work. *sigh*

And now...I must make this quick for I must come up with a project to keep my home-bound children from driving me insane. Wish me luck.

christmas wine
Christmas wine

makin' cookies

snowy car
snowy car (this was taken Friday mid-morning during a
storm which dumped 14" in our area)

dog in the snow
I swear we didn't bury our dog.
When the snow gets this deep, we shovel a little "bathroom area" so our poor
dog doesn't freeze her hoo hoo off. This just shows you how much snow we have!

snowy street
Peaceful street

sexy mama
This one's a cheat cuz I didn't take it.
Hubs took my picture on Friday evening when we went sledding
with the boys. Its required that you own blaze orange if you live in the state of WI.
Sexay, no?
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Devoted Mama said...

Glad your heat is working again! Awesome pics of the snow~I'd like 3-4 inches (of snow ;\) being that we hardly ever see snow here in Georgia! My fave is Christmas wine~it looks like it should be featured in a magazine! Cute self portrait :)

Kim H. said...

Okay, first of all, since my Dad works for a Village, I can totally get you the orange reflective gloves to go with that sexay jacket. Just holler if you want some.

I love, love, love the glass half-full picture - even from the other post, it's so pretty with the lights behind it.

And the dog in the potty hole - hilarious. Yep, I thought for a minute he fell off your deck or something like that in to a drift. Good dog.

THANK YOU JESUS you husband is handy! Because you know you'd be bumming floor space off a relative if Jay couldn't get it fixed - cause with weather like that and people's heat not working, you know there'd be a backlog -- and then there's always the little diddy about $$$$$$! Glad you married a gem! Sorry you didn't get to spend much time with him.

I hope little Will feels better soon. I'm glad you got a nap in too. I'll be hoping you get that all out of your household for Christmas! :)

You're so lucky with all that SNOW - I'm totally jealous! I'm hoping they'll still be some left when we get to Chicago on Friday.


Nap Warden said...

Wow...You have got some snow!!!

Miss said...

Hubby should get a cookie or something for that!

Amazing pics!

Zoeyjane said...

The Sexay one. As soon as I strolled to it, I was all, "*whistle* sexay pose" and then I scrolled down further to your commentary and tripped out.

maggie said...

So good you have a good man and that it didn't cost too much, but holy cow, that is a whole lot of snow!

Haasiegirl said...

wow, that poor dog. That is the funniest picture ever.


Jean said...

great pictures- wish we could get just an inch! Love the orange jacket picture, I think that one was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, baby... you are SMOKIN' HAWT! :)


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, that glass of vino looks tasty! Beautiful photo.

Colleen said...

So tell me the truth...when you give birth in a Wisconsin hospital/birthing center, they put an orange cap on the baby instead of the blue/pink one, right? ;)

Elaine A. said...

I have to say I would be stayin' in with the cookies and wine. No snow for me thanks! Love the pic of your dog though! : )