Friday, January 16, 2009



In the past 24 hours, the high temperature here in the Milwaukee area was -1F.

And that was for probably 3 minutes just after midnight yesterday. Its so cold my spaz of a dog doesn't even want to go outside to pee. (Can't say I blame her. I'd be afraid my little cootchie coo would freeze off.)

My hubby's come down with a stomach bug.

I feel for him...I really do. But I didn't exactly sleep the best last night with him getting up eleventy-two thousand times the way he did. (Though I'm thankful he got up to do what he had to do. I'd be mighty pissed if he'd have stayed in bed to do that.)

I tried to work from home this morning. No dice.

Around 10 am, hubs finally admitted he was really sick. This was after I juggled my laptop for three hours, dressed the boys, cleaned up breakfast and generally tried to keep them entertained.

I kept hearing Adam Sandler in my head yelling, "That would have been useful to me YESTERDAY!!!"

My children don't seem to know how to occupy themselves.

I mean, GOSH, Will's like almost TWO and Nick is FOUR. You'd think between the two of them they'd freakin' figure it out already. I mean, GEEZ, how hard is it to pull that box of puzzles from underneath the bed, dump all the pieces on the floor and put the puzzle back together?!? FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE, aparently, because I did nothing but drag out one toy after the other, only to stop them from fighting over it, then pick up all the pieces and put them away 20 minutes later.

My brain is fried. Or mush. I can no longer decide which.

I do know that we watched Wall-E and three hours of PBS television. We played with Matchbox cars, the Aquadoodle, puzzles, blocks, legos and Clip-O (cuz you know, they're all COMPLETELY differen things). We played Candyland, Memory and Wii. They took naps - I did laundry and ran to the grocery store to get hubby Pepto, Sprite and saltines. We read books, then some more books, and then there were tears when I suggested they put the books away. ("But we're READING these, Mommy!") We played with different cars, the Playskool ball popper thing and Colorforms.

There was more, I'm sure of it, but I think my brain has turned to cheez whiz.

And the real kicker?

It'll hit a high of SIX DEGREES TOMORROW.

Be nice to me when we meet in the loonie bin, 'kay?


lisaschaos said...

Yeah, I always hate these cold temps! Ouchie! We're running to MO this weekend to pick up the daughter and grandson, I imagine this weather will be a shock to them. :)

Zoeyjane said...

When I have to work, when Isobel's about, my only recourse is to allow the Dora and Diego DVDs to repeat. Otherwise, with my ADD, I'd never get anything done.

You're a gooder mommy than me, whiner ;)

morninglight mama said...

I'm having trouble imagining what -1 can even feel like, because it was 10 degrees when I needed to haul the baby and toddler to my older son's bus stop this morning, and I felt like my internal organs were slowly freezing as we stood there. Man. That's cold!

LceeL said...

It was -21 this morning as I backed my car out of the garage. Sheesh. Try ginger ale for hubby's stomach ills. It's easier on the stomach than the lemon-lime stuff like 7-Up or Sprite and somewhat medicinal - I think it's the ginger that actually works.

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

My girls' way of entertaining themselves is to bring out pretty much everything from their playroom - which they NEVER play in - and leave it in the living room. Then, they go back for more.

Seriously kids - can we have a separation of SPACE??

maggie said...

Cold weather just kind of adds a layer of cranky for me. I don't like cold. It's been cold here, too, colder than I've experienced since growing up in Chicago, but not as cold as lots of places are. Brr for you. Brr.

Anonymous said...

they don't have school today. help me. please...someone...
and's only -6 or so.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you just shut them in the garage or something? All of them? Then go put your feet up?

It's days like that where I'm glad to be at work!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hugs to you--sounds like a bad case of Cabin Fever. You need a little pick me up!
(The dog not peeing outside cracked me up!)

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Good luck, sweetest. I know you'll survive. I guess you can always splurge on Toys R Us stuff to keep the boys entertained, right? TGIF??

Threeboys1mommy said...

Do you really want a smart ass Californian commenting on this?

I'll leave it alone... you're welcome ;)

Roger said...

Hey no fair! How come you guys got up to 6, while we stayed below zero, I mean you all are north. Sheesh! At least we'll be in the twenties today. It'll feel so nice. :)

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Hot Chocolate therapy is called for in situations like this. Wine therapy after the likes are in bed if needed.

Kim H. said...

Honey, will you be my roommate in the looney bin?... Cause I'm so there.

My boys have been fighting like cats and dogs - they need to get outside and blow out some steam REAL bad.

Hang in there - I hope hubby feels better and it warms up - to at least 10 so they can go outside.