Monday, January 12, 2009

"You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies - all of life's riddles are answered in the movies."

-- Steve Martin, Grand Canyon

Last week, Jay and I had the opportunity to go see a movie in the theatre.

The last time that happened? Was probably before we had kids.

There's something to be said for going to see a movie in a theatre...sitting in the dark, in front of a screen that fills your entire field of vision, stuffing your face with popcorn and drinking a vat of soda.

There's a new theatre in our area, too. Its purty.

by richritter44 on Flickr

You can see this place from the freeway, and every time we pass it, Nick yells, "MOM! LOOK AT THAT MOVIE STORE!!! I WANNA GO THERE!"

It is cool looking, and its been awhile since we took him out to a movie. Besides, there are so many movies out that are good for kids there are actually a few I want to see myself.

So I've been thinking I'll take Nick to "the movie store" and have a Mommy-son date night.

Have you seen the previews for Inkheart? Its an action adventure/fantasy based on Cornelia Funke's book trilogy wherein a Dad brings characters to life when he reads stories out loud.

It looks almost "Lord of the Rings-esque" which is enough to sell me, but adding Brendan Fraser to the cast was the icing on the cake.

The movie comes out in theatres on January 23rd. Sounds like a good cold-weather activity to me! Not sure who'll like it more...

Mommy & Nick


Kacey R. said...

That is an awesome "movie store!"

Roger said...

It does look pretty good, and I like Mr. Fraser in his movies. Heck, I even liked George of the Jungle. :)

So what movie did you and Jay see?

maggie said...

Within a couple days of my arrival in Tulsa and back with Tom, we went to a movie, something I hadn't done the whole 9 months we were apart, and it was just so much fun. It's so much different from watching a movie at home, and it's a nice little treat once in awhile. Glad you enjoyed and will be going again!

Kim said...

I love love love movie dates with my four year old. And that movie really does look great..

lovelylalo said...

Mommy and son movie dates are fun. I try to do them when my daughter has a birthday party to attend or with my daughter when my son is hanging out with his uncle. Glad you enjoyed that pretty movie store. They get fancier all the time (and more expensive).

Anonymous said...

I go to the pictures (as we call them here) a lot wth Alexander too. Last one was King Fu Panda so it's been a while but I want to see Inkheart too it looks great.

Kim H. said...


Definitely looks like a great, cold-weather activity - I'll bet my boys would enjoy it, for sure. And I love going to the movies. And that theatre is super cute. I love when theatres have that "vintage" (is that the right word....) look to them.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

You'll have a wonderful time. I'm sure of it.

Felicia said...

That movie looks awesome! I just went to my first movie a couple of months ago since my son was born.. he is now almost 2!!