Monday, March 23, 2009

Its Monday. Again.

I did not over-run my kids on Saturday.

We did not drag them to a birthday party and miss nap time, then laugh as Will's poor head bobbed while eating dinner. (That dinner was not at a fast food restaurant.)

I did not forget my camera this morning to share with you the pictures of said child slumped over, sleeping while folded in half in his car seat. (Actually, I'm pretty bummed I can't share that with you. It was pretty cute!)

We did not then take them downtown to the Buck's game so that we could indulge our two-year-old in his favorite sport, basketball.

We did not stay through the entire game, leaving the arena around 10 p.m. That would crazy, what with no naps!

We did not put our kids to bed around 11 p.m., then skip church to let them sleep in.

We did not also skip the evening Mass because said children's heads were beginning to bob toward their dinner plates at 6:30 p.m.

But we did create memories for our kids that they won't soon forget!

(Pictures are forthcoming, I promise! And both kids sat enraptured through the entire game. The only downside to the event was that we got there early to buy a few souvenirs and Will pitched a fit that we wouldn't buy him another basketball. The foam finger just didn't cut it for him, apparently.)

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(SIDE NOTE: It looks like "MckMama" isn't posting a Not Me post today - her youngest is in the hospital. Pretty scary. Stop by and offer her your comfort!)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That does NOT sound like a good weekend;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

My son did not fall asleep during again tonight. He did not sleep for 2 minutes in the car and forgo his nap ;)

Roger said...

I do not get all the not's, in fact my mind is all in knots.

So how did Will like the game? I bet you two are the best parents EVER!! So when are you getting season tickets?

TC said...

That does not sound like a priceless weekend!!!

Keeping with the spirit of the post... your boys are not adorable :)