Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Winners - April 6 - 11, 2009

Before the pictures, let me first say that I had every intention of doing a Win of the Week post yesterday. In fact, I started on the images for it on Friday and thought I was pretty far along and could just finish it up yesterday morning.


Honest to God, here's how my day began:

7:51 am The TV's on SUPER loud in the living room. "MOOOM! I THE TV'S ON LOUD AND I CAN'T TURN IT DOWN!" Are you sure? Great way to start the day. I'm up. I hurry to the living room to turn down the volume before Nick wakes his brother.

7:52 am I let the dog out and head to the bathroom.

7:53 am Nick wakes up his brother. Shortly after, two small boys enter the bathroom. Neither is bringing me a mimosa, so neither are truly very welcome. "MOOOOM! Look what I found!" Nick has led his brother Will to the bathroom on the opposite end of the house to show me that he unzipped his footie pajamas in the night and removed his diaper. Crap. Good news? The kid's still dry. I beg and plead but he's just not awake enough to sit on the potty. I tell Nick to take his brother back to the living room so I can finish what I'm doing. "But he's naked." "I see that. Go."

7:54 am I open the back door and call for the dog. No answer. I call again. No answer. I'm getting pissed. "KYRA!!! COME!!!" Nothing. I'm barefoot, in my pajamas, and haven't even put on my glasses yet. But I slip on some shoes and throw on my coat and begin to look for the dog. I finally find her behind the neighbor's house, eating God knows what in the alley. Sweet.

7:57 am I drag a shame-faced dog up the back steps and into the house. I'm pissed. I have not yet had coffee and I'm not wearing my glasses and now I am cold. Before I even get my coat off, I hear, "MOOOOM! Look what I found!" again. I walk in to find that naked Will has pissed all over the couch. "I pee pee, Mama!" he proudly proclaims. I get him on the potty where he pees another half gallon and I go back to scrub what urine I can out of the couch cushion.

7:57 and 32 seconds am I decide I cannot deal with pee on the couch until I've had my coffee and leave the rest be. I find my glasses and say a prayer of thanks for Grandmas who decide to take little boys to the Zoo for Easter Egg hunts. Cuz no way in hell would I brave that crowd - the place is like, well, a Zoo.

I spend the next hour getting the boys fed and dressed and packed up for their day at the Zoo. (Which, if you're wondering, it was a beautiful day for yesterday. In Milwaukee in April that means 50 degrees and sunny. ) I went off to finally get my hair cut and do a little overdue shopping for myself, and later convinced my loving hubby to clean both the carpet and the pee stained couch with the carpet scrubber. I still think I had the crappier job, that of keeping the kids entertained in my bedroom so that they weren't running laps on the carpet whlie it was being cleaned. Just sayin'.

{deep breath}

ANYWHO...we colored eggs yesterday, but I didn't take any pictures for fear that if I turned to pick up the camera my kids would drink the cups of dye. I let them taste the vinegar, and somehow that did not convince Will that it was truly "ucky" and he kept asking for a sip. I'll be looking for blue poop for the next few days, just in case he snuck some while I wasn't looking.

Oh, and by the way...if you're wondering, Nick has deemed dying eggs to be a dirty job.

egg thief

Nick was up and had found most of the eggs before his brother was even awake. Good thing Will's little enough to not really know the difference. We really cheered him on for finding those four eggs, though!

scrambled eggs

Then, of course, he's SO EXCITED about finding two that he goes running back to Daddy, smashing them together. Oops.


I'm adding another shot from our fire the other night, just because it makes me feel peaceful.

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Tara R. said...

What a morning! And, sans coffee! Glad to hear it did get better. I can see where dying eggs can be considered a 'Dirty Job."

Sarah said...

Sounds like a day in my life.
Hope next week looks better, :)

WeaselMomma said...

Happy Easter!!!!!
Sorry, but I had to laugh at post. Mind you, I am only laughing because it wasn't happening to me.

Daisy said...

Oh my - what a day! I'll admit I have no kids, but I did have one of those days - it began with me locking myself out of my apartment on a work day and went downhill from there.

I love the fire photo! Very peaceful.

Happy Easter!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a crazy morning! Love the egg photos. What's on fire in the last shot?

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

my two oldest had to be told to leave some eggs for the baby too!

Roger said...

Wow. I think you did more in that first half hour, than I do at work all day. Maybe I don't want a job where I can telecommute...

Kim said...

I can see why you posted the fire shot.. wow.. what a morning.. :)

NateAndJakesMom said...

I felt like I was seeing my life in 3 years... say it aint' so!!

I am sorry I was laughing - just know that I will soon be there and you can laugh at my chaos then. :)