Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Mommy Confessional: Just another day in paridise

This week was a bit crazy to say the least.

I should be enjoying my week of time off between jobs. But because Mommy has a paid week off, Daddy had three days off in a row and the weather was rather beautiful, all hell just HAD to break lose.

Case in point #1: Will woke up last Saturday with a horrid sounding cough. While I knew it wasn't swine-flu, it was still a pretty craptastic cold. We missed the breast cancer walk we do with my aunt every year and he was clingy for three days.

Proof #2: I picked up the kid's cold. Of course.

And #3: Hubs and I sat down Wednesday night to watch a movie. About 30 minutes in, I paused it and asked, in my best "pity me, love me I'm sick" voice if he'd get me a glass of soda. Just as he sighed "FINE" at me and started to get up, the power went out. Completely. And stayed out until 10 minutes after we'd given up and went to bed. We woke up Thursday morning to find it was out AGAIN and had been for three hours. The day after I had gone grocery shopping on a major "fill the pantry" trip.

The good news is our power came back on 30 minutes after we got up for the day and that our ice cream was none the worse for wear. (But try explaining to a four year old what electricity is and why he can't watch TV or play Wii. It just didn't sink in.)

So - given all that I decided to hell with feeling like death, its 75 and sunny and I'm takin' my kids to the freakin' ZOO before I go back to the daily grind. We're annual members, so we get in free as many times as we want to go. I packed lunches and snacks and after Nick's preschool let out at 12:30 the four of us headed out.

We ate lunch soon after we got there and quickly realized that skipping nap time to get in some family time quite possibly wasn't such a good idea. Especially when its hot and the kids are half hyped up on orange soda.

I feel its a personal victory that we lasted two hours.

But I only feel kinda bad that I stood by and took pictures while Will FREAKED OUT about having to be in the stroller and then plotted his escape.

His very ill-planned escape.

stroller trouble 1

stroller trouble 2

So - its sharing time. What did YOU do this week that was less than stellar? Yes, we'll probably laugh at your expense (while going "Awwww!") but that's the point - no Mommy's perfect. We could all use the laugh-therapy. (Read through the comments - trust me, its worth it!) And besides, I'll pick my favorite as this week's winner to get a box of Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix jelly beans. Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Belly's. Mmmmmmmmmm......

Last week's winner was Kim.

I needed some "me" time, so I let the kids play in their rooms while I chilled out in my room. The door was open, but the baby gate was up to keep them out. 30 mins later it was too quiet. My 3 year old had drawn all over his 1 year old sister with markers. He had also drawn all over our laminate floors. Thank goodness he didn't get to the walls.

Hope this week's been better for you Kim! E-mail me your address and I'll get your book out to you right away.

Now hurry up and comment 'fore I eat these danged jelly beans!


Susie said...

The escape is hilarious!

Karen said...

Sounds like you had quite the week !!!

The stroller escape photos are funny :-) Gotta love the kid fro trying :-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, that boy struggling through the wrong end of the stroller is just priceless.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the escaping photos. Too cute.

As for the snafu for this week, there are always too many to choose from. Today my daughter put stickers in my son's hair while I surfed the net. The stickers were really sticky and hurt to remove. Whoops.

Kim H. said...

Does leaving my dog in the van all night count for anything? You know cause I was all distracted by fighting kids that I went and left her in the back of my van.

And don't worry PETA -- the windows were open and it was only 40 overnight. And she was safe in my garage. She was definitely no worse for the wear -- in fact, when I let her out, she wouldn't go pee because she was afraid she'd miss out on getting back in the car to take the kids to school! :)


My latest snafu? When trying to bring my kid up to snuff on the traditions behind Easter....I explained that Jesus died on the cross and arose three days later....His reply? "So Jesus is a zombie? Cool!"
Forget the thirty minute backpedaling converstion that followed....He stopped listening at zombie!