Friday, May 15, 2009

There's just too many ways I could go with this title.

So...I ask my friends for one small come clean with their Mom snafus for the sake of a good laugh and to win a little prize. For the sake of, "Aww...I'm so glad its not just me!" For the sake of "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that you did that!!!" and what do I get?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Bupkis.

Don't you know...?


So last week's winner was Kim H. She left her poor pooch in the garage overnight.

In the car.

Poor doggie. (Who'm I kidding? Poor Kim...I know its the fact that she & her hubby are living in two different cities and she's handling the kids by herself while she prepares to sell their home and move.) So YAY FOR KIM! She wins the Cold Stone Creamery Jelly Bellys, fresh from the Jelly Belly factory.

The rest of you guys? SUCK.

So screw you, I'm goin' home.

( "Slacker Momisms" for this week are so great I completely copped out of telling you about any real ones and wrote this piece of "borrowed" crap instead. I mean, how many pictures of ones overflowing pile of laundry do you NEED in one week? I think you get my point.)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I like your slacker mom confessionals--they make me feel better about the 6 hours of TV I let my kids watch daily. But NO video games, 'cuz I'm virtuous that way.

Denise said...

Sorry I didn't participate last week, but I honestly had a great week! Must have really believed all of those Mother's Day cards proclaiming me the best mom in the whole world!

This week I missed out on ordering my daughter's school pictures because I totally forgot and the form was buried in a pile on my counter .... our fridge has been broken all week, so we've had fast food for dinner at least 3 times ...I did my daughter's science project by myself, because felt it silly for a kindergartner to be expected to make a pulley by themselves ...I picked my daughter up from preschool only to realize I had sent her there with a raging fever that I didn't know she had that morning ...I let my 2 year old nap until 5:30pm because it was so darned peaceful...I returned clothes that my kids got for their birthdays, and used the store credit to buy myself a pair of shoes.

Ahhhh, it feels good to be back to my normal self.

lisaschaos said...

You're too funny! Those jelly bellies do sound yummy. :)

NicEmMOM said...

Ok so here it is, last week was rather good, so I did not give you one, but you know more of my momisms than I do!
But here we go!
Had work issues all week so the family was second all week, Tuesday the kids had ice cream for dinner, I know it was hard on them! The worse thing was that it was Biggest Loser night! So who is the Biggest Loser? Yeah me!
Wednesday was rough, Mr Wonderful was sick with "Doraria" and therefore the kids were forced to eat "survivor" meal of crackers, cheese, green bean (at least I got a veggie in there) and sausage.
Thursday was the best night of all for Mom because a friend took the kids for the night because I had a work event that took me past dinner. Grill or "real" cheese sandwiches were today. So nothing major on the week just not so good dinners, but they did have clean clothes and vitamins and breakfast every day! So there I don't suck any more!

Mommy Melee said...


Karen MEG said...

Just blog poppin in to say hi, glad to see you hopping (but I thought you were in the original group?) and hope your week went well with work.

(see, it's getting late, I'm mixing my hops with my bops and my blogs/... well you know what I mean...gahhh!!!)

badassdad05 said...

Dude, that shit? Awesome. Screw you guys, I'm going bloghopping!

Kim H. said...

Okay, that southpark kid's voice CRACKS ME UP.

Now I've gotta go find my dog.