Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Calgon take me away!

Its 6:28 p.m. as I type this.

My hubby isn't home yet, my children have not been fed and I can't even begin to imagine what I'm going to feed them for dinner.

And now its two and a half hours later.

I first was interrupted by my cell, then had to run outside to meet my brother's girlfriend - she was dropping something off for me and we spent approximately four and a half minutes chatting. I said, "Well, I gotta run. I should make sure the boys aren't tearing the house apart."

I wasn't that far off.

They were both crying -- no -- wailing.

"What happened?!?"

Nick: "Mwaha-waaha-he-bwa-ha-Will-heh-huh-waaaa!"

Will (at the same time): "Boo-hoo-waa-ha-Momma!-mwa-huh-heh-heh-owie-sniff-sniff!"

"I don't speak whine. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!?"

Nick, trying to stop the tears: "Momma-I-I-sniff-sniff-BWAAAAHAAAAAAA-Mommaaaaaa!"

Will, at the same time: "NO NO! Momma! I said NO NO! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

Apparently World War 47 broke out because Will turned the TV off while Nick was pitching in the World Series of Wii baseball. (Or in other words, the game he just happened to be playing at that moment because they're ALL super mega important.)

Now, mind you, the GAME didn't get turned off. Just the TV.

So Nick wailed off and hit his brother on the forearm with the Wii controller.

An ice pack, a time out and 15 minutes later, Hubs was home and my patience were nearly depleted.

So we went to Sonic.

Milwaukee got its first Sonic just a few months ago. We've been teased with commercials for YEARS...but the long lines that stretched all the way to the street and down the block have prevented us from even trying it.

However, Sonic is one of those things that sounds really cool until you realize you're still feeding kids in the car.

We made the most of it...even though our server didn't wear roller skates like most of the rest of them did...we got "Super Mega Lame Guy Who Just Walks and Didn't Even Hook Our Tray On the Window". Not nearly as fun.

And we totally didn't know the proper drive-in etiquette. Like who knew you could just press the button and they'd come get your garbage? Or that they'd bring you ketchup?

So long story even longer, I'm tired. Hubby's nearly done with his three months of on-the-job training and will get his permanent placement next week. IF they decide to make out his schedule past next Wednesday, anyway. Until then its overnight shifts followed by day shifts followed by additional training that's out of town.

And me? I'm working longer hours and coming home to rowdy kids cuz their Aunties have spoiled them all day and Will's going through a language explosion that keeps him from sleeping at night. Subsequently, his brother in the top bunk as well.

This lifestyle just can't last forever...


Roger said...

I think you need some Calgon AND a shot of Tequila!

Stay strong!

WeaselMomma said...

Always keep a bottle of wine chilled in the fridge. In case of days like this, break seal.

Becca said...

Girl I totally know the feeling. Bone tired and something's gotta give . . .

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Man, it sounds like you've had it a little too rough.
I've experience similar etiquette lapses with A&W, so don't fret. They need to post signage explaining this stuff to us!!!

Burgh Baby said...

I love me some Sonic, but they make me crazy with the whole not telling me how to behave thing. I need rules, and I need them posted in very large letters.

I hope tonight is far less eventful!

Kim H. said...

Oh honey, I can so relate. Remind me again why I have to move?.....

And I'd be up for a bubble bath if I hadn't packed the bubbles and the big, fluffy white spa towels too, that without them, wouldn't be the same.

Hang in there -- sending extra lovin' from O-hi-ya!

Kim said...

Yep. I hear you. It gets overwhelming.. and makes me want to ball up and hid.. who said being an adult would be fun??

Don Mills Diva said...

Yup - in my house it's Red Wine Take Me Away...

Anonymous said...

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