Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog? What blog?

I've been meaning to do a post on the state of my life right now. I've taken pictures, documenting the giant pile of gravel that was deposited in my driveway, the little digger/scooper thingie that was parked next to that pile for several days, the huge hole that was dug behind my house, the pile of dirt from said hole, the mud created by said machines, piles of dirt and gravel and the dog both in my driveway and in my house. I've photographed each stage of the basement-fixing process, down to the brand new cement that is where said giant hole used to be.

The gravel's gone and in its place there is now a humongous snowmobile trailer currently being filled with all of our belongings. (I'm still of the mind that being over 30 brings with it no other advantages other than to never again have to call and round up friends to move your shit, but apparently Mommy doesn't always win.)

I've taken pictures and even video of our house as its being packed up. There is literally lawn furniture where our comfy living room couches used to be and the dining room echoes now that the piano is gone and there is nothing hanging on the walls. I've taken pictures of my kids playing on, around and in boxes, as well as the two of them laughing like crazy people while jumping on mattresses that are on the floor.

Oddly, I just can't seem to find the time to download, manipulate and upload those pictures. So I'm offering you this artist's rendition of my life right now:

Mess, defined.

We've spent every spare moment of our lives meeting people, writing them checks and generally signing our lives away. When we're not busy doing that, well, we're packing shit in boxes. And yes, there is logic to packing throw pillows with bar glasses, I swear it. I just might also be swearing at myself while unpacking it all next week.

I'm sick of take-out food, and I think my ass has gained two new friends because of it. Their names are Laverne and Shirley, and they live down the street just north of my badonkadonk. Yes friends, back fat. Its never pretty.

Honestly? My freaking two-year-old asked for Taco Bell last night. How sick is that?!?

My four-year-old? Woke up crying at o-dark-thirty, pissed as all get out that Mommy was packing up all his toys. This morning he told me he was angry with me. "Mommy, you're bad. You make me ANGRY." Great. I'm feelin' the love.

I'm not about to get into work crap right now, but let's just say I also woke up from a bad dream this morning. One in which I was in a meeting with IT folks who were yelling at me and doing a lot of head shaking at my requests for what I needed to do my job. I've lived this bad dream many times lately.

I am so beyond stressed I can't even form a thought or an opinion on anything, except to say that I watched Glee for the first time this week and, well, that's an hour of my life that's been sucked from my soul that I'll never get back. (Did dude really sing The Thong Song?!?)

So that, in not so much of a nutshell, is my life right now.

Who's pouring the drinks?


Melisa with one S said...

Tell you what. I'll have a drink for you right now. :)

Bright side: You're a great artist.

Bright side #2: Take a second to remember that day when you thought this was all falling through.

It's gonna be okay! I promise!


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Melisa Tweeted about your needing some comment love and, well, I am here to please Melisa.

No, not really.

Sounds an awful lot like what I've been feeling like, lately (I recognize that picture up there, too) so, just thought you could use another virtual hug.


Pop and Ice said...

Uncooperative IT peeps?! Guess I'd better move to Milwaukee and show them how to do it right!

Anonymous said...

You'll get there. Don't worry. Just burn one bridge at a time.

Kelly said...

I know exactly how you feel. Don't worry things will calm down for you soon!

Jean said...

I am pretty sure that is one of my favorite posts yet. I have done the same lately taking tons of pics and never getting them uploaded. I have been spinning too and so busy that I have GAINED weight. How does that happen when you are so busy? I hope that things do calm down for you soon. I wish I could come to Wisconsin, take you out and pour that really tall glass for you and make a plan. Things will get better - just hang in there and enjoy the ride. We love your blog with or without pictures.

WeaselMomma said...

Just be sure to poke airholes in the boxes before you tape the boys inside.

rskmom said...

I'll pour one for you.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh honey, your plate is overflowing. Be sure to take care of yourself a little during all of this madness.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I'm pouring Stoli Ras and Sprite. Yum. That does sound good.

Good luck with the move. It will all work out.

Wineplz said...

That has to be one the most honest and accurate artistic renditions of your life right now. Better than any picture of the gravel.

And since I can't do a lot of drinking lately, and I'd hate for some white wine in my possession to go to waste (that stuff just does not age well), I'm more than happy to pour plenty for you! Too bad we don't live closer cuz packing pillows with barware sounds very similar to my unconventional packing style. ;)

Big hugs...we'll be here when you find your way out of the boxes and back to the keyboard.

Kelley said...


And buy a case of wine for when you are finished!

Mama Smurf said...

This too shall pass...

what's your drink of choice...I'll have it waiting! =))

Karen said...

Ah, but think how wonderful it'll be once you're settled in. In the meantime, leave the Calgon out.

prashant said...

Good luck with the move. It will all work out. Work From Home

Karen MEG said...

You'll get through this, you will, you will!
Just wish we were back in Chicago where I WOULD get you a beer!


Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Love the picture! Very creative and I bet you felt better after sketching it. Things are very chaotic and with the holidays around the corner it is bound to get worse. My advice, keep a few bottles of wine around and make sure to give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to just sigh and let it all out. Things will get back to normal shortly.

You cracked me up with the Laverne and Shirley reference.

Much love from a working Mommy (single at that). Hang in there.

prashant said...

Sounds an awful lot like what I've been feeling like, lately (I recognize that picture up there, too) so, just thought you could use another virtual hug.
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